35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

Saltwater Fly Fishing for Kahawai in New Zealand

Saltwater Fly Fishing for Kahawai in New Zealand

good morning I”m at Leigh by the sea I’m
going to go and try and find some fish to catch mainly on fly today
okay so there’s quite a bit of activity around there’s some birds that
aren’t doing much and there’s some terns diving here and there and there’s
definitely the activity around just need to figure out what’s where so I might do a
bit of a drift around here and just see what’s going on okay
I’m approaching another lot and hopefully can see them on the surface and I’m gonna just try and get there
without spooking them, let me see what’s going on here They’re right here, oh I had a strike hopefully that gets an eat yep yes ah
unhooked trying to approach them slowly again all I need to do is get a decent
shot into the middle of them okay they’re coming towards me leave it in
gear and hopefully I can get a decent casting right that’s not too bad
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes it’s not huge but it’s a kahawai nice on the
board with a kahawai on the fly not a huge one but nice. I’ll let this one go back
yeah I hopefully that succeeded and there will be coming towards us I hope I’ve
planned it correctly now I just need to get all the tangles sorted out which
obviously happened because I’m close to a fish which are right in front of me you actually cast okay and always a tangles disaster yep yep yep Oh bit of a jump he’s unhappy about this whole
escapade lets get the net, okay wet the hands and there we go, kahawai number three on fly, not bad fish not huge but nice another go they still around so which is
great try to get close enough okay that should
do which direction are they gonna go Oh almost, yes yes, straight, jump straight into a jump ahh, bliss Okay sorry I got a bit excited there t the trick is just to get close enough to them to get a cast
right in the boil up otherwise you need to let it sink once you once I’ve gone
down they don’t seem to you don’t seem to as often get them unless you have a
sinking line you can get it right down that’s one of the reasons I put the
little trolling motor on because that just the idea is that you can quietly
sneak up to them without making so much noise which when they’re like this helps
although this last couple of times now there’s less boats
um they’ve allowed me to come a bit closer but initially this morning it was
a bit of a pain I was back and forth back and forth and they just go down as
soon as I come close okay casting here Okay, I’m going to have a quick cast in here let it sink, see what happens yep wha had a hookup let that sink, sink for long yep, ah, had a hookup yep I’m on my 10 weight now so this is definitely a kahawai It’s got a good pull still, even though I think my kahawai is getting eaten potentially, it’s not behaving very well
I’m just gonna winch it up and see if there’s anything following it or if it’s just frisky I’m not giving it any go I’m curious to see if there’s anything
following it up oh it’s just no too much Oh, no, it’s just, errrh! Too much effort okay, darn that came off
right by the boat, there wasn’t anything following it up it was just a frisky kahawai Okay, I’ve gone slightly bigger and heavier to see if I could get a kingfish, I probably started stripping too early I was actually literally just
casting my line out to straighten it after hooking the previous one and
then they came up right as I cast and I hooked another one awesome! just look at that, I’m going to stick the camera in the water so you can see I think that’s kahawai number five on
fly they’re getting better size, that’s a nice fish so yeah very much enjoyed that just turned up right here and I’m not ready, the fly tangled, my line tangled get some line off put the fly out and I’m if I can get my fly in of crap! tangled! strip, strip, strip not even a follow okay that should hopefully do it, strip, strip, strip, strip, oh had a follow strip, strip, strip, strip Yes! there we go there we go just look at at that! That’s enough to make a fly fisherman very happy that looks very, like there’s something big in there they’re all around the boat okay well, there’s the last kahawai for the day as I said, fantastic day great fish and yeah
see you next time Cheers, thank you for watching okay my kahawai has just been eaten by a
shark, that was not intention I wanted to keep it around, em, now I have, okay, I no
longer have it my kahawai just got swallowed!

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