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Sam Rayburn Report 6 22 19

Sam Rayburn Report 6 22 19

hi boys and girls and mom Ken smith
kensmithfishing.com hey Bo this week is the Rayburn report it’s
gonna be the outlaw outdoors Father’s Day tournament which was actually
Saturday before Father’s Day Moonpie Steve Evans and I had it’s a three fish
tournament we had three fish 1583 had finished second place we were thrilled
with that result we cold I think a 3.80 and a 4.20 before the day was out so we
had something in the really high 23 almost 24 pound range for five fish and
it’s interesting you know most the time when one when I do well in tournaments I
know going into the tournament I’m gonna do well and I knew we were gonna catch a
lot of fish I’d caught a lot of fish the week before in the VFL tournament and
just felt like I was a little bit unlucky in that tournament but we
literally launched that morning God in the boat and said where you want to go
and this is an area that we’ve caught these fish in here before doing this in
the springtime it’s a very small one that when these fish do this but we
would literally is I’m gonna go that way you have to go that way you want to go
that way you want to go that way and we went and it was a heck of a fun day so
let’s just jump right in here I will point out a couple of things so you’re
gonna see early in the day the the kata so we started out with steeps throwing
frog and me flipping because it’s a nice complementary way we were going to be
close enough to this stuff I could flip on it and you don’t see me I catch a few
small fish but pretty early in it’s pretty obvious that these fish want to
eat a frog waters dropping it’s pull them out a little bit and it’s harder to
get close to them some of these trees have gotten much shallower so Steve puts
a pretty good whipping on me here right off the bat and you’ll see later in the
morning I get control the trolling motor and I get
payback matter of fact I’m not pointing any fingers but I think I think I caught
all three of the fish we wait but nonetheless we have fun day so let’s
jump into the fishing right here and this is two minutes into the morning
maybe I may actually I think this is Steve’s third cast right cooking all of two casts with a frog so you’ll see there so we started in
what we call the needle grass and needle grass to me is the little green grass
this just looks like needles sticking up that is not to be confused with hay
grass but early in the morning you can see it’s very low like those fish are up
in that needle grass and they’re on a feed they’re cruising and you’ll see
Steve is working that frog really fast he’s covering water with that frog and
he called several fish out of that needle grass really fast I think he’d
probably call our limit and ten or fifteen minutes I’ll make a comment here
in another in a video that we’ve got our limit but actually we had our limit
before that so you’ll see here here’s a couple more fish including one about
four pounds of Steve catches let’s go
you need that frog yep all right spinner mate now obviously probably should have sent
to him to grab the grab the net for that fish because that’s the kind of fish
that get you paid especially when these three fish tournaments but I didn’t it’s
been a little bit lazy and truthfully I didn’t think it was as good fish as it
was when he flopped at the boat but what’s funny here is you’ll hear him say
you need to get frog on and we’re in his boat he wanted to fish out of his boat
which I’m fine with and I said hey get me a frog and listen
to the cost he wants for this frog morning boys and girls can’t Samantha
can smoke fishing fishing the outlaw outdoors Father’s Day tournament the day
before Father’s Day I asked Clint why he didn’t put it on
Father’s Day he said well we were afraid some guys wouldn’t fish it and sorry
about moonpies language but y’all know you did okay he said dang it anyway
we’ve decided next year he’s gonna have it on Mother’s Day and he’s gonna call
it I never get to fish another tournament tournament anyway it’s six we
can start fishing 6:30 is 639 we’ve got our limit I just caught one about maybe
four pounds four and a half on a frog I’m tired of for all going and we’re
gonna fling it around in here for a little while and then we’re go and fish
a little bit so let’s see what happens hopefully we can get some good footage
for y’all this now this is a lesson learned so when you’re throwing these
frogs up here every once in a while the good fish is gonna miss that frog and I
had rigged as they follow bait laying on the deck where it was quick to get to my
favorite five-inch sink oh and a baby vise 15 pound seaguar flourocarbon 3 Rd
WG hook on a lose Carolina rig grommet and Steve had one blow up on a frog miss
D miss palace frog and immediately I pitched back in here and here’s the
result of that so the camera died a few minutes ago and you know choosing a
proper partner is not about a guy who can catch fish because I just look for a
good bird dog so a Moonpie bird dog will be one up with a frog missed it and I
pitched my little sink go in there let me show you what a call so that is gonna help our average that
fish is that this is 22 inches long 21 inches long it probably don’t weigh 5
pounds maybe 6 but we got that in a 4 pounder football so the lesson there is
have a follow bait when you’re fishing a top water someone we’re gonna miss it
and you got to put something in there and the story I didn’t tell in that
video was I pitched that Cinco in there right when we missed that fish and he
turned and threw in another spot I don’t know why but he hooks up on the fish and
I’m watching him fight that fish in the Johnson is like 2 and 1/2 and I’m like
are well that doesn’t matter and I look around my line swimming off and that’s
where that that was our first about 5 pound fish that you saw there maybe you
think actually that fish blonde up weighing 5 and 1/2 so there you go I was
watching a few more fish catches crap alright so once again when the battery’s
off I went back to back I called another keeper and then I caught a 4-12 so our
small fish is a 412 now I think we’ve got probably our three probably 15 they
might weigh a little bit more than that so pretty fun morning we’re going on that leo needless to say the Frog body zone we’ve
probably called let me officially call today 2530 fish we’ve called I know the
two biggest week old is a 350 in a 380 so it’s been a heck of a fun day I
opened my live Wells up when I leave so they dry out I got there last night and
looked in and Loblaws were full of big orange craw fish actually they were
totally dried out so it was fine you see Moonpie trying to not let me catch it
fish there was another one same size with him when we pulled him out of there
he had just missed that fish a couple minutes ago that was fun
they are so shallow so I have a friend online Lou Martinez who has also a video
channel I believe it’s called beyond the bounds is the name of his channel and we
were talking and Lou fish does a co-angler in a bfl up on the Chesapeake
and I think my Frank let me look at this real quick I’m gonna tell you what he
said to me so Lou’s text message to me was my one
fish is a co-owner got me 44th out of 95 boaters my boater did not catch fish
people ask me all the time so we live here in Richardson Texas we have a omens
of all as well people ask me why do you drive four hours to go fishing and this
video is one yeah I could fish Cedar Creek I could fish Texoma I could fish
lots of lakes around ray ray hubbard Lewisville grapevine which apparently is
really good fishing they’re pretty small but I make that drive because the
fishing is this good it’s this much fun to catch the number of fish that we
caught and the weight we caught this is not odd this is just you go down there
and you catch a lot of fish so guys asked me all the time one you drive so
far to go fishing this is why right here so by the way as you’re doing this so I
have my GoPro clipped on moonpies a windshield and sorry I got mosquitoes
flying around me and you got to pay attention to where you’re going when
this is going on so if I gets hung up and here comes the result
luckily my camera was undamaged you I saw that one get it so that’s kind of
our day we have we have fun day a week we caught good fish we want a couple
thousand bucks out of this deal which I was thrilled with and in a pretty salty
field of locals I did break a rod during the day which was that TP raw that I’ve
been throwing that frog on a closed the doggone box lid on and I just broke the
tip off of it so the rod it’s fine but luckily I looked over and had another
rod that I felt like actually I originally picked up the Super Duty rod
which of course is a seven-eleven and we’re trying to skip these baits up
under these cypress trees and then these bushes and it wasn’t all cypress tree
bites and the note here is once that Sun got out now those fish were super
aggressive real early once the Sun peeked up a little bit the only place to
get bit was in those shading spots so we’re not
you’ll notice we’re not overhand la banda frogs we are firing those frogs in
their sidearm and underhanded and that’s the only way to get those bikes on a
regular basis and so that’s seven eleven rod I made about five cast with it and
it was just too much rod so I had to sit down take a reel off a rod for a real
owner rod and this is the rod and reel I used I thought y’all might be interested
in which rod I switched on I gotta tell you I’m not sure that it’s not my new
favorite frog rod so here’s a little bit on that frog rock
hey guys a couple of things I want to share with y’all I stole this so
interestingly I had been thrown that TP rod as my frog rod and I broke the tip
off that rod yesterday I closed the rod box lid on it so luckily I had this and
I was in as y’all saw in Memphis boat this is a Magnum jig rod so it’s the
custom speed stick light series the model number on that
rod is hopefully you can read that it is LM sorry about the shadows guys LM LM
jr. it’s a 7-3 so I originally picked up that the by the way the same rod I
always plucked with the SW the Super Duty 3 and it’s just too bit too long
this rod is the Magnum jig rod and I got to tell you I really like this rod for
what we were doing is y’all saw we were skipping frogs up under stuff it’s not
too long the rod can’t be too long and it can’t be too stiff you got to have
something with some tip on it to build the speed for when you’re throwing that
frog the probably worth throwing was just a basic Sproat popping frog 65
pound smackdown braid the reel I was using yesterday and I’ve talked about
this reel quite a bit that’s the very inexpensive Mach series reel that
particular reel is ms1 H want three other things about this rod number one I
love the wind grips and if you’re not lazy and you’ll just wipe those down
they’ll come completely clean again I get a lot of questions about what’s the
tape guys see on the bottom of my rods so my old team partner Dickie Newberry
and I had a bunch of identify rods we both only use lose so I wrapped that’s
something I learned from my buddy John Gumbel’s when they fished together
I just bought some some superhero tape and wrap at the bottom of all my rods
and I just have left it that way because I’m still in and out of the boat with
other guys so that’s just a little tip there something on someone to mention
last thing you’ll also note on a lot of my reels or almost all my wrists you’ll
see a little number written on there you see that one’s 10 although it’s upside
down I keep in the notes section of my my iPhone I keep one that’s just called
reels and of course it still says 2017 because I’ve done this for years but
what you’ll see is there’s that rod so there’s real number 10 it’s the Mach SS
EMS one H 65 pounds smackdown when I put it on there looks like maybe I need to
replace that pretty tune and I’ve also made a note now I make a note of the
speed of that reel because when you get multiple reels sometimes that number
gets rubbed off so when you have multiple reel
and some of them have different real speeds that’s really handy to have I
also I noted on here earlier yeah right there so on reel number eight you see
I’ve noted there’s only 75 yards of line on there I was flipping with that rod
and I’ve just put I had a little bit of line left on the spool so that’s why
that one says 75 yards so I remember that it’s not completely full of life I
probably won’t throw a frog with only 75 yards of line on it so hopefully that’s
some helpful tips and a really really handy little frog rod that had never
used as a frog rod before but I really liked it in super-lightweight and they
ate it I call thanks guys so that’s a wrap on the outlaw outdoors again we had
a great time had a nice stringer and we will be back down there next weekend we
did not fish the the shootout this weekend we have some stuff going on here
in Dallas so Sara and I will be back back back it down over the fourth of
July weekend I hope to get out sorry about that just like what happened in
the tournament they had a battery died on us so they’re there so anyway we’ll
be back down Rayburn fourth of July weekend we took a weekend off we hope
you get some good footage for you guys I’ve got a couple of ideas and some
videos I want to try to shoot with some guys if there’s time so stay tuned and
hopefully I’m gonna be able to show you guys some offshore fishing if everything
works out well and I’m still chasing top brisket we’ll do that video you’ve not
seen the video we shot of him and the outlaw outdoors or after the outlaw
outdoor tournament the other day it’s gonna be doesn’t think about this I
believe it’s in this corner right here we’re over that I just popped up so
there you go thanks for tuning in and we will see you guys on the water when a
noe with four guys

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  1. Great video what is your favorite lews reel you like the most and how many lews reels would you say you have

  2. What is your game plan for the 4th of July weekend? Will the frog bite still be going on? I normally fish the coast, but would like to get my son on some bass.

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