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Savage Gear 3-D Crawfish Bait | Bass Fishing

Savage Gear 3-D Crawfish Bait | Bass Fishing

Hey, guys. I’m Brandon Cotton with Savage
Gear USA. Today we’re talking a little bit about our new 3-D crawfish. The great thing about this crawfish is that
it’s modeled after a real live crawfish. What we do is they pin this little guy up. They
take a 3-D scanned image of the entire bait. It’s computer generated. They tweak it just
slightly, and then they create the mold for this. So mold after . . . excuse me, bait
after bait, it’s modeled after a real crawfish. It’s got air inside the claws here, as well
as the body cavity. So when you’ve got it on a standup jighead, like we’ve got here,
underneath the water, this guy’s going to stand up every time. You could jig this along
the bottom. As soon as you stop the bait, it stands up, and the claws go up in a defensive
position. You can also rig this bait weedless or Texas
rigged or Carolina rigged. That, again, is a great way to rig this. You can check out these baits on our website
at SavageGearUSA.com or at your local retailer.

4 thoughts on “Savage Gear 3-D Crawfish Bait | Bass Fishing

  1. What hook for what size? Concerned I'll oucntire the body air vanity if I use the 3/O stand up hook with the 4" crawfish. Likewise the 1/0 with the 3"

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