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Savage Gear TiFlex Spinnerbait Lure | Bass Fishing

Savage Gear TiFlex Spinnerbait Lure | Bass Fishing

Hey guys, I’m Mads from Savage Gear. I’m here at ICAST with BassResource.com. I want to show you our new TiFlex spinner
bait. TiFlex spinner bait, right here; stainless
steel main frame with a titanium flexible arm welded on to the main frame, big offset
blade, and very unique is a double spinner bait trailer that you can interchange between
the different spinner baits. It has a superb swimming action, big titanium
arm makes it very erratic in the water, and it has immediate rotation. It actually rotates so well, that you have
full rotation on the drop. When you drop that bait, he’s just going to
rotate down like that, so check out the helicopter action. So, TiFlex spinner bait from Savage Gear out
this fall. Check it out at BassResource.com.

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