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Save Money On Fishing Tackle – DO NOT Buy From Bass Pro

Save Money On Fishing Tackle – DO NOT Buy From Bass Pro

what’s up YouTube Fishing Florida Waters
here and in this video I’m gonna show you how to buy fishing tackle Cheap now
everybody always think she’ll go to Bass Pro it’s the best place to go that’s where you’re going to get the
best deals in your gonna get the widest fishing lure choice and I’m gonna tell you that that is wrong it just simply is I’m gonna show you by
making a mock order online that Bass Pro is
not cheapest place to go and if you go to a website called
Academy.com they’re gonna have the exact same stuff
for cheaper not as big a selection it still
everything that you need for cheaper now we’re gonna start off and we’re gonna we’re gonna on make a
little cart here fifty-pound test 300-yard Power Pro 20 bucks over here at Academy now if
you know braided fishing line you know that’s cheap but let’s say you don’t
know how much fishing line is off the top
your head you go over to Bass Pro seem exact thing 50 pound test fishing line 300 yards thirty-two dollars twelve dollars more
just for fishing line a Plano Stowawy Tackle Box over here $5.99 14x 9* tackle box you go over to Bass Pro its
$10.50 pretty much double the price for
fourteen by nine tackle box and you the price difference is ridiculous it
even goes down to the lures not as much as the fishing line and tackle
box but $5.99 for the fire crawdad jointed shad rap from rapala and you want to get the exact same
thing over here from Bass Pro fire crawdad
jointed shad rap it’s gonna be seven dollars you know
even on the solid lures Academy offers them and it’s cheaper to go over here we go
over just some soft plastics you want to get a little rocket Craw berkeley $1.99 over at Academy and when you go over to
Bass Pro $2.99 you know you’re saving a third your
money by shopping at Academy even the rod and reel combos are cheaper
for medium heavy Penn Fierce seven-foot ride eighty dollars Medium Heavy you go to Bass Pro it’s ninety dollars
for the medium heavy 7 foot rod I mean it’s just- it goes on to jigs $4.49 right here over
an academy you’re gonna pay full five dollars over
here for the exact same Denny Brauer structure jig over at Bass Pro and then finally the
last thing the lure we will add to the cart, just to make a mock demonstration here Luhr Jensen Krocodile spoonn six bucks a
pop here over at Bass Pro and you want to go
over to Academy you can get the same exact lure for $4.19 I mean the prices can’t – I mean they speak
for themselves so you compare everything here same lures everything and if you spend that at Bass Pro it’s
gonna be $78.65 you go over to Academy and it’s gonna be
$45.28 because you get free shipping at $39 as compared to Bass Pro offers free shipping at $75 so you don’t need to spend as much to save more money and you’re gonna save more money on
just about everything Academy offers you’re saving 30 bucks there and then
Academy offers – you can negotiate with them and if
you go up here to their live chat and you talk to them and you try and ask for a discount to say that this site is that their site is slow because their site is slow I actually got them to email me and I was able right here just look where highlighting I
was able to get a 15 percent discount offer on my purchase so not only are you saving thirty
dollars on just the standard you know shipping in the lures
themselves but you’re gonna get 15 percent off in addition to that me what you put on
there 15 percent discount it’s gonna be half the price so I mean
you’re gonna be looking at spending 38-37 dollars you over here at Academy and over here at Bass Pro for the same exact lures you’re going to be spent seventy eight dollars now this is Fishing Florida Waters here
I just wanted to show you this video because I thought it was important you know that I see Bass Pro Shops
ripping us off charges way too much money I’ll let me know what you guys think
comment on the video below let us now what you
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are you know do you can share it on your
show other people you don’t have to get ripped off this is Fishing Florida Waters here ah
showing you how to save money on fishing tackle

13 thoughts on “Save Money On Fishing Tackle – DO NOT Buy From Bass Pro

  1. Yup I hear you, I never get any thing at Bass Pro to me it's horribly priced! By the way walmart is cheaper than Academy.

  2. In my opinion academy has way better prices! But when I want to buy my gear for fly fishing I go to bass pro because academy doesn't have as much flies as bass pro

  3. academy sports is great, they're all over where I live. but I do use a lot of bps brand lures, also I've noticed walmart is cheaper than everywhere. ie zoom flukes are 2.77 at walmart, 3.50-5 pretty much everywhere else.

  4. bass pro shop is horribly overpriced. I've seen 20 dollar items at Walmart for 80 dollars at bass pro.

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