35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

Sea trout and pike on the fly. Fishing Vlog

Sea trout and pike on the fly. Fishing Vlog

What are you fishing with Frank? ha? What are you fishing with Frank? Jiggy! Spring is finally here And the sun is out today and it’s easterholliday for me at least it couldn’t be more perfect to go fish for sea trout I don’t know if i’m going to catch any but I sure as hell will try! I’m going to Djursland It’s the tip.. the nose of Jutland I’m not very familiar with that place at all. I’ve been there fishing once But i’m going to give it a try! And see if i can find some sea trout somewhere And i’m not really sure which way to go but we’ll give it a go and see what’s gonna happen But man.. The sun is out! Winter in Denmark has been pathetic it’s been raining.. grey… dark! and really really shitty I’ll see you guys.. ups you kind of tipped over on me! I’ll catch you guys later because i’m going on the highway right now Think I’d better focus on the traffic Yesterday I was going fishing for sea trout at Djursland And i only caught 3 fish but they couldn’t keep size Today I’ve heard that a boat that I rent is back on the lake I kind of book that one So today it’s going to be pike fishing! Pike fly fishing Hopefully I can find the pike somewhere? but it’s quite a big lake and there’s not that many pikes out there but some of them are quite big though so hopefully it’s going to be a good day with a pike or two yeeeaahh! yeeeaahh! yeeeaahh! yeeeaahh!

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