35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019



This silvery and extremely heavy trout Jumps out of the water like seven, eight, nine times And it’s like six feet through the air It’s absolutely ridiculous, we can’t believe our own eyes Now we got home from Samsø, Denmark. Definitely one of the most insane fishing trips you could ever imagine Never thought we could top last years fishing, which also turned out to be great But this year was the – [email protected][email protected]!!! – bomb, still can’t believe it An absolutely ridiculous sea trout bonanza, we had there We jumped on the ferry wednesday efternoon And arrived at the cottage by evening By the evening, we drove to the southern part of Samsø, to see if we could lure a sea trout, before it got dark But no activity this time, sadly We got some tips from a guy, who had been fishing here a week before His experiences was, that the sea trouts tended to stay in the same areas for days So, our strategy was to fish many areas, as fast as possible, to locate the big school of hungry sea trout The first day, we drove alot around, without any luck But we quickly found a fish holding area, where we also caught many fish last year We went out on the sandbanks in knee-deep water, and fished over the dark belt of seaweed There were so many fish, and we could see them following the lure, but it was very hard to get them in bite-mood And yes, we also lost some fish But strangely, we couldn’t get them to bite much Sup, Jacob. How it’s going? Some followers, but then a bit quiet for some time It will come! Day 2 Good morning, Nicklas. Don’t you think, that it’s a good idea to put some cloth on? We fished deep pools of water, just under the shoreline We fished sandbanks, with nice weedy areas We fished the nothern part of Samsø, with deep water and lot of current To find one of the biggies And then we arrive to the most regular type of coastline This is a good fish, get a net Nooooo, it’s off To be continued

7 thoughts on “SEA TROUT fishing in DENMARK, EUROPE!

  1. Stort tillykke med havørreden & fiskeriet ja du gør det rigtigt godt Nicklas,fortsat stort knæk og bræk til dig. (:

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