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Secrets of supermarket meat and fish: Testing the food you buy (CBC Marketplace)

Secrets of supermarket meat and fish: Testing the food you buy (CBC Marketplace)

100 thoughts on “Secrets of supermarket meat and fish: Testing the food you buy (CBC Marketplace)

  1. That's why Women are caking on more and more makeup because they're looking so unhealthy from what they put in their bodies they need a clown face to look good to Men ..

  2. God said “ I give you every herb bearing seed, IT shall be meat for you.

    HE gave the best fuel for the body HE created.

    People simply need to make choices for there lives….

  3. The guy who is head of infectious disease research might have contracted his Salmonella poisoning from one of his lab test since he works around hundreds of dangerous diseases everyday.

  4. https://context.reverso.net/translation/english-french/fish+fillets
    not fillette filly filley but fillet pronounced fill it

  5. Become a vegan like me 😀 I'm watching this with no concern at all- well, at least not for me. I am very concerned for all the animals losing their lives so we can consume them and the people who get sick from these practices.

  6. Regional Chain Big Y repackages aging shell-fish, meeting Federal minimal requirements, but NEITHER meets additional CT/MA requirements, which are more extensive than Federal. Ignore my written complaints, as does local media.

  7. Chicken is to be washed with vinegar or lemon or salt or a combination of. Everything it touched and the surrounding area is to then be thoroughly scrubbed with bleach, soap, and warm-hot water. Also thoroughly SEASON and cook the chicken properly. Just how I grew up.. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. Here in the States we have more artificial everything then real food in our food. We processes the food to something we don't know what it use to be.

    from the USA Little Debbie Brownies:

    I buy my fish in a market, where the head is still on the fish or the fish are still alive in the tank and you pick it out.

  9. I live in the U.S. and imagine that it is way worse here than in Canada. Now, I am strongly considering to become a vegetarian. Thanks for your report.

  10. As an American that watches a Canadian Channel let me tell you Canadians have some f*** up s*** just as much as Americans. Don't think you're any better.

  11. Supermarkets is the very bad place for food stuff ,too much 🖐 hands touching ,and chemical preservatives ,GMO that are poisons ,the best is grown you’re organic fresh fruits and vegetables 🍅 vegetarians is great good for health and excellent medicine,God bless and peace to all of us

  12. My pet peeve is that they have nearly eliminated sugar from our diets in favor of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)! HFCS is 200 times as sweet as sugar, cheaper than sugar, and far more detrimental to the human body than sugar! HFCS is probably a major contributer to obesity. It's cheaper and is in nearly every sweet drink in the supermarket and much of our food! Being vegan no longer means eating healthy! The greedy food industry is killing us slowly, our politicians are on the take, and the laws that have been passed far outweigh those that haven't been passed just because the big food companies are making payoffs to those politicians to limit their liabilities. For those who say what payoffs, remember that donations to political campaigns are nothing more than upfront bribes!

  13. If you don't catch it yourself…ALWAYS buy the fish intact so you can see the clarity of their eyes!
    Get to know a trustworthy Butcher…or hunter.
    Eat roaming or personally raised chickens, maybe switch to cornish hens or other non-industrially farmed fowl.
    Play it safe and steer call of plastic wrapped meats whenever possible. AND get your deli meats from an actual deli, where meats are sliced to preference…

  14. go for a plant based diet ..even though plants have been manipulated as well…but not like animal flesh, eggs and dairy…

  15. To me ..wild means you get it outside in the wild..the lakes n stuff..not in a store..even the fruit with no seed is manmade..we have to hrow our own food and meat eat once a twice a week only. They think they stretching food for all of us on earth to eat. But its just pure lazy. And the if we all boycott this they will set better laws on how food is shiped n what is sold.

  16. just dont eat meat. way to many get sick from the meat they sell today.
    Your much better off with a Vegan diet, its easy and you get much more nutrients and more than you need to live a way healthier life.

  17. They should test your food for RADIOACTIVE waste. Now that the FUKUSHIMA nuclear ACCIDENT has been dumping waste into the Pacific OCEAN. I don't trust anybody who fishes in that dead OCEAN!!! You should too!!!

  18. This makes me want to strike chicken out of my diet. I live on the water and I buy from the market that owns the boats that fish. I suspect the US is worse,

  19. Seems the new normal is scam everyone you can, line your pockets before the health and safety of general public. That's success for big business. Big companies do everyday stuff if we tried we would get locked up in prison, for them they get bonus's!! It's sad

  20. Living at village if much better when it comes to healthy foods consumption, fresh air, over healthy environment. And I'm enjoying it.

  21. Buy organic From your natural health food store… Done with meat!! Plant based or vegetarian is best, no processed foods non GMO as well… Read all your ingredients know what your eating.

  22. I love making my own Bread instead of buying it. It’s so easy, only takes me about 2 days of prep time, 4 hours of making, messy kitchen and flour everywhere. But over the course of a year it saves me 10 dollars, and it only lasts for half the time that a premade does. It’s so easy to be healthy!

  23. Wow, health Canada can be used as a great example on how a totally "lobbied" (totally corrupt) governmental institution works.

  24. Stop using factory farm promo stock video. Even showing close up of a clean white chicken taking a drink. Who are you fooling?

  25. Wow I thought Canada had good clean healthy food it did in earlier 2000 or sooner , what a disappointment just like USA ?

  26. Farmer to consumer is the way to go. Do your homework you want free roaming grass fed grass finished organic usda. Slaughtered on location is what I prefer. Most farms invite you to tour there farm.

  27. Buy skin on… Look at the eyes. Ask the fishmonger to clean it in front if you.

    Farmed vs wild is kinda impossible to judge without actually knowing the fisherman

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