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Segment 3: Rod, Reel & Line – How to Fish for Trout in Oregon

Segment 3: Rod, Reel & Line – How to Fish for Trout in Oregon

The Oregon Department of Fish and
Wildlife presents how to fish for trout in Oregon. Walking into the tackle section of any
sporting goods store can be a bit overwhelming. So what we’re going to do right now is talk about
how to select the right rod, reel and line to be successful out here on
our local waters for trout. Let’s first start by selecting
the right rod take out there trout fishing with us.
What we’re gonna look for is a rod that’s in length of five-and-a-half
feet to seven feet. We can find that information right here the foregrip above the handle
on the rods. Now what you’re going to also look for is a line class rating of two to eight pound which again is found right here. And that will give you the perfect action for chasing
these trout. When selecting a reel at your local sporting goods stores there are a lot of
options. Whether it’s in a package on the shelf or
at a reel counter. All we need to focus in on is line capacity. Don’t worry about any other number. And what we want
to look for is six to eight pound line in 100 to 200 yards. You can find that information right here. Once you’ve
selected your reel now it’s time to pick out our line to add on to
the spool. What we want to look for again is six to eight pound line and enough line the fill up the
spool that we purchased. So you can find information on any
packaging from any line company. So you can see right here I have six pound line and 250
yards. That’s more than enough line to fill up our spool. Sometimes trying to find the right rod and reel
is very time consuming. And when you come to these end caps or on
some the rod racks you can find what are called premade combos.
And those are set ups that already have the rod and reel attached.
Just like these right here. And some of these premade combos even have line already spooled. So it takes a whole step out of the equation.

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