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Sewing a Euro Hem : Whip Stitch 1st Euro Hem

Sewing a Euro Hem : Whip Stitch 1st Euro Hem

Okay, so all we need to do for this leg now
is to do this little whip stitch around the edge of it to hold it up or tax it up. So,
I’m going to start right here at the seam. I always like to start at seams it’s like
the strongest part and a whip stitch is basically just go to one side to pick it up, run through
just the side of it horizontally and there we have it and it’s basically the same thing
as a blind stitch. But it’s a whip stitch style and we don’t want to go through and
grab the fabric on the other side but if you do, it’s okay because you have the same color
thread as you do pants and it’s not going to show if you accidentally go through. But
just pick up a little tiny piece a little thread piece, my thread always does that,
if yours does it, just pull it. It happens all the time. Okay, I’m going to go pretty
fast around here and you can practice this stitch if you have to but it’s pretty simple
just grab one edge through the other one. There we go. This is the same type of stitch
that you’ll would use on a pair of men’s slacks. It’s call an invisible hem or a blind hem,
okay. Here we go. We’re almost halfway done and when I come up on this one corner, I’m
going to put several extra stitches right there because that’s a stress point and we
don’t want the thread breaking right there. I’m just going to grab a whole bunch of if.
Right here, it’s many layers so I’m just going to grab a big chunk of it. Go through a big
chunk of that but It’s kind of hard to push through but if you have a thin thimble you
can use that too to protect your finger nail. Here we go and in this way, if your foot or
your shoe gets caught on this hem, this area will be real strong. It won’t break off real
easy. There you go. I think I put like three extra stitches right there, okay. If you want,
you can even put more than that. I’ll rather be safe than sorry in this kind of situation.
So, you want to do it again, okay. So, I’m almost to the end. Here we go and I’m going
to finish it off just about the same way that I did that thick side over here. I’m going
to put several stitches there because it’s the beginning and the end and I don’t want
that to break. It’s another stress point at any seam. Here we go, okay I’m just going
to kind of go back and forth. Okay, I think I’m ready to tie it off. I’m just going to
make simple little square knot and just go down. I like to make maybe like three on there
and then when I cut it, I’m going to leave about a half an inch so It won’t come untied
and just take these little pins out and we’re almost done. I’ll show you what it looks like.
It looks good, okay. So, this is our original hem back in the pants.

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  1. This is an excellent tutorial, thank you so much for taking your time to post these videos. I listed them in order to make it easier on other viewers, hope this helps !!!!
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