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  1. I am from India I do have a nano aquarium and its about 3 gals.. I have t
    2 Oscars 2 banana 2 remis 2 tiger loach and 2 other type .all of them r small how do I care for them as every day the water gets dirty. please help

  2. If i put boiled shells in aquarium with angelfishes, neon tetras and little sharks will be dangerous for the fishes?

  3. Why I love your videos: your personality, getting to see amazing tanks/building, getting to see cutesie fishes, your personality and most of all how educational they are! Which is so awesome for a new fish owner ❤❤❤😊

  4. I just found you videos love them. I am interested in keeping shell dwellers nwo, any advice on where to find some. Keep up the fishy work.

  5. Neolamprologus Brichardi witch is in the family of his shell dwellers I had about 500 per 3 weeks so had to get rid of them really sad 😔

  6. My friend! I saw this video over a year ago. Ever since I had decided that, as soon as I move into my first own apartment I will get these fish! I just love them. They look so adorable with their colors, their way of living is so extraordinary and they don't need much except for sand and caves. As soon as I have my own tank with Neolamprologus Multifasciatus in it, I will make a video and link you there

  7. Are these specials shells? Because I thought the chalk of the shells influences the water quality? I also want shells but have a small aquarium (60L), is it possible?

  8. I don’t I turn off very quickly as he goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on, we actually see the tank and fish for about 10 mins , then he goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on blah blah blah

  9. Hey awesome scaping looks pretty nice, those are pretty cute, I'm working on that tank next,! Also I've already got a African tiger Oscar chiclid tank with a few eclipse catfish and fire mouth chiclid that I'm almost finished with!🤗 But that is such a cool chiclid tank!!🤗😂

  10. It's been a long time since I've had these guys. And of course technology has changed. Instead of using chemicals as water buffers can I use some calcium rocks or aragonite sand as a ph buffer? Or what would you recommend as a more natural product? Thanks

  11. I’m in alberta love the videos watch them all the time keep on killing it bro

    Question?? How would I go about finding these fish I would like to dedicate a tank to them
    But they are not sold around my area
    Anything helps thanks

    Can’t wait for some new videos

  12. How do you clean the substrate if you need to when they make homes in the sand. Watching your videos I found these fish and I think they’re super cool. I want to make a small tank for my father but I always wondered how you would clean the sand if needed

  13. Loll That's a small aquarium I have a 2×2 feet aquarium to me that looks like a whole sea in your room loll my future dream 💕

  14. Recommend some online places t get these shell dwellers. Wetspottropicals currently does not have them.

  15. I kept a colony of these for 3 years until I had to move. 75 gallon tank with 4" sand and tons of shells. Honestly I never did a water change the entire time but only fed them a tiny pinch of NLS small pellets once a day. Always had to crunch some food to dust so the little ones could eat too. It was my favorite fish to keep and I still miss them. When I shut the tank down there were probably 50+ in there.

  16. I said absolutely NO other tanks. But my cousin shared this video with me and man am I and my husband super excited to get another tank and enjoy the shell dwellers. So cant wait to have them to enjoy. Thx for sharing all the tips too for care and cleaning and how they change the landscaping. We are in love with these lil guys. Question what fish are compatible that swim more top that wont kill these to fill the tank a little IF any? Thx.

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  18. I got 3 kribensis for my tank, i dont know their genders. 1 is very dominant. The other 2 took the areas that he/she didnt take, they hide alot but at night they seem to stop fighting and become friends.

  19. Joey, I absolutely love your videos! I recently discovered this little firecracker of a fish and instantly fell in love. It was hard to find decent reliable information on these little fellas but I think you did a great job with this video and tank. 😁

  20. this is one of the best aquariums of Joey. even when teh gallery is built. actualy i like this one and 375 gal. the others might come and go, but these two got my attention for long. it is january 2019 and i just remembered the video from past came to watch this office tank built videos. those were the good times.

  21. !00%true on the PH part, all my cichlids are on 6.5 / 7.00 and they are pretty happy and colorful. Much better that when i was trying to reach those 8 people talk about on A.C.

  22. Would this species do well in a much smaller group in small aquarium just as a side feature tank or do you really only get the enjoyment from a shell dweller when they have enough room to properly establish there area?

  23. If your keeping them two start a colony 2 will lead you to a tank of inbreeds that over time is a poor choice …start with 6-8 preferably from different breeders to vary the gene pool

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