35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

Small Stream – Small Trout

Small Stream – Small Trout

There There he is He’s moving. Look. What did he do? Did he take something? Good question. He didn’t take anything on the surface. No. It’s low and clear water, and it’s hot. Ain’t gonna be easy. There is a wave up there He’s coming closer. Be still. He took it. He swam all the way down here to take the fly. That’s crazy That is crazy Look at it It’s nice. A real beauty. There he’s got some current Cheers Thanks for the dance Lovely

60 thoughts on “Small Stream – Small Trout

  1. You certainly cooked his goose.
    (Apologies for that, I couldn’t help myself) Great video as always, cheers, Craig

  2. Your vídeo is amazing, everything perfect, I would like to have a place like that near my home.
    Thanks for to share with us.

  3. I guess if you target those trouts, you could scale down the leader for a neat presentation, but it's true that they are very confident.
    Congratulations for another beautiful video.
    If you keep uploading them. I can continue with my videotherapy till our next season…😂

  4. That was a tough day but you managed to get a nice story out of it anyway.
    The hat is firmly off to you Kris for that. It certainly wasn’t thanks to me, lots of fumbles on my part. ”The Rod” and the Vossler was a joy to use though.

  5. I really love fishing small water like this with a 2wt rod and tiny dry flies. My favorite type of fishing. Thanks for the enjoyable video.

  6. Great work once again guys. May I ask what you are shooting with and lenses also, your footage is so crisp!! I too have a channel and shoot with a GH4 with various lenses.

  7. another great video guys. Would be great to see one with the other guy again, you know the guy who flips out when he misses a strike, that guy is great too.

  8. Your videos are always excellent. They are so relaxing. I often take fly fishing too seriously because of my business and your videos take me back to what flyfishing is all about.

  9. Exquisite ! Another work of genius from the best channel on YouTube!!
    You brighten up my day every time.
    Dave from Ireland.

  10. Small trout…… not so small for this stream…..no?come in France and see….😞
    Another great « small » moment….

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