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Small stream trout fishing with a spinning. Uncut Fishing #2

Small stream trout fishing with a spinning. Uncut Fishing #2

Hello, hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. This is Unscripted (i.e. Uncut 🙂 Fishing and, well, you can see the river that I’m at. Some would call it very small. For me it’s not that small, but let’s put it in the “small” category. And, yeah, let’s go fishing. I just arrived here, I didn’t make a single cast. The temperature is about 21 degrees. That’s high 60ies, about 70 Fahrenheit. The day is going to be kind of hot, but it’s already day, it’s half past eleven. So, I arrived quite late. The river is medium level river. I don’t know what to expect actually. So… Let’s go! My tackle: spinning, fast-medium action, not very light, not ultra-light for sure. This is my spinner. Nothing fancy. My target today is of course brown trout, as always. Sof far not good. But things tend to improve in this river. As you move further into the woods. OK. So, the first one. As you can see brown trout. It’s… I will be releasing everything I catch on tape. But according to local rules you can take up to three trout per day. The minimum length is 30 cm. or 12 inches. This was maybe 29 centimetres I think. So almost legal. But still… Oh, that’s unlucky. Still not something I would be considering in any case. We’re approaching the woods as I call the upcoming stretch, but we are not there yet. By the way, the last time I fished there was a year ago. So that’s typical. Oh! There was a small one there. But it got away. We are approaching a beaver dam judging by the sound. So here it is – a beaver dam. It’s difficult to say (whether) it’s good or bad for the fishing, it will depend on many things. Ok, so this is a very old beaver dam. It hasn’t been destroyed for some time. As you can see it’s not deep above it at all. There’s a small one. Over time it got, you know, taken over by nature – was filled with sand. Obviously it should be much deeper there. So no real advantages in terms of fishing, but at least I can wade through there. Oh, another small one, but I wasn’t in the position to hook it. By the way, I’m using a spinner which is not very small. Intentionally, so that I do not hook to many small ones. Obviously you are never insured, even the smallest one can take this kind of spinner. But you get less. OK, this is what I consider still small. But a very nice fish. Footprints, it appears..? Maybe not, maybe those are actually animal footprints. Yeah, not human. It was another illegal one. Not sure if you saw it. No, not interested to take it again. OK. This is probably 30 centimetres, maybe slightly more, but a very thin specimen as you can see. Extremely thin fish. But yeah, it’s a brown trout. Maybe 32 centimetres, something like that. Oh! That’s surprising. Usually trout prefer solitude, so… You do not get another one, it’s a smaller one, but still trout usually do not like to live in a company so to speak. But this was a small one. OK, some spots are really difficult to check out. It’s even better. We leave some fish alone. Oh, there was one. But doesn’t seem to be sufficiently large. Small one. Didn’t want to try it again. As you can see… Smallie (sorry for the bass term). It is a really flat stretch. Well, we can’t complain really. Oh. I don’t know if you saw this one, but… Let’s leave this one alone. It’s not large… Maybe I try and catch it this way. A small one was in there. Oh.. I’m not sure if you saw this one. OK, so two really good spots and nothing. I think there were fish in those spots. But for some reason they, or it, didn’t find it reasonable to attack the lure. It’s a nice hole. Unfortunately, almost completely covered with wood (trees?). A really nice hole. How to check it out? Small one. A small one tried to attack twice. Failed. Lost interest. Ah, never mind… Oh… The other fish, over there. Hmm.. This one isn’t actually even trying to take it. It showed itself twice. But didn’t attack. I’m sure changing the lure to something different like a crankbait, wobbler would probably allow me to get it. But it’s not large so I will not be changing anything. OK, so fish are starting to follow the spinner but not take it. Which is not very good of course. It’s noon. That can explain things. Almost noon. Another indecisive take. Of course, cannot expect much when I’m jigging it like that. But there’s a trout in there as well. OK, two takes and both extremely indecisive. I think two different fish. Yeah, the fish… The activity of fish has dropped significantly. And in such a short period of time.. The camera I’m using is actually a headband type camera. Headband is really tight and I’m beginning to feel it. Which is a sign that I will have to wrap it up really soon. It would be nice to catch one more. OK.. Have no choice but to step over those trees but they are very large. Let’s see… [thick branch breaking] Ok.. That sometimes happens. It looks thick but it’s dead. And for some time it has been dead too so it can break easily. There’s a spring, as you can see. You can usually drink water from them. They are very clean. Ok, so several really nice spots have been empty or so they seemed. Usually this means that the fish are… inactive basically. You cannot say that there are no fish. A take, but, again, quite soft. There is definitely quite a nice fish in there. But of course first of all it’s difficult to check this place out. But it (the trout) is also quite inactive. Ok, I’ll have to let it be. A couple more casts and that will be it. This is a beaver path that Igot into. Have to be careful. The activity of fish has dropped clearly. And it’s difficult to expect much now. Anyways, this bend will be the last that we check out on tape so to speak. Ahh!… Again couldn’t hook it. It got off by itself. But it was a small one. Ok, so… That’s it. We’ll call it a day. Thanks for watching! This was unscripted [Uncut :)] Fishing. And of course when you don’t script things, yeah, you don’t script things. …And uncut fishing as well. I will go on for a couple of hours more I think, maybe less. I’ll see if the activity recovers. But that’s it for now. Thanks for watching. And I’ll see you next time. — Good job making it through 🙂 Thumbs up! —

33 thoughts on “Small stream trout fishing with a spinning. Uncut Fishing #2

  1. Hi thank you very much for ur beautiful video it shows real trout fishing ,next time please use pautzke salmon egg gold lable and green with split shot and small float ,you will get better result.

  2. hello ….. look, I noticed that sometimes threw in the wrong places.
    if you cast with spinning the tour had to be the opposite of upstream for downstream
    that was a good place to launch fly … a beautiful nymph
    trout were equally beautiful and it was a great fishing,, greetings from ARGENTINA !!

  3. That stream sure has a lot of silt in it.  I'm surprised there are even any wild trout there.I actually sat through your entire video, which is the first one of yours that I've watched.It made me a little dizzy at times with the camera jumping around.  I had to look away at times or I may have had to puke.  When you finally caught a trout it wasn't even in view as you unhooked it.  Why not have a close-up shot of the lure?  Why not fish a stream that is a little more interesting-looking rather than just a bland, flat stream littered with dead trees?I think the video would have been much better if you had given us a lot more information.  You had plenty of time to talk between pools but it just went on and on and on with little comment.  What country are you fishing in?  What month was it?  What size spinner are you using?  What is the hook size?  Why are you using a swivel?  What pound test is your line?  How long is your rod?  Why do you use such a heavy rod for such a small stream and small trout?  How many years have you been fishing spinners?  How far ahead of yourself were you casting — it looked like it wasn't very far?  Was this day typical for you or do you usually catch more than five trout in over an hour?  Do you wear polarized sunglasses so that you can see the trout better?  Why do you hold the rod in the position you do?  Do you wear clothing that blends in with the surroundings or do you think it doesn't matter?Just trying to be helpful.

  4. okay friend i really enjoyed in your video but one suggest pls , use mepps #1 silver for this kind of creeks , and 0.20 line u will have better fun next time , cheers and pls more of this videos 🙂

  5. I thought It was my own fishing video. I love this kind of streams.
    In my opinion you are a bit too noisy fast when going upstream. Try to walk slower when the water is about knees. My personal experiance is that waves are not so good for bigger trouts.They become more cautious when you make waves. Hope to see 3 pound trout fight. By the way what country is this?

  6. Good video. This reminded me of similar streams that I've fished here in the UK. The trout were around the same size as well, though I have caught the occasional larger specimen! Subscribed.

  7. Nice video although I have to say casting upstream is the opposite of how I was taught. Casting downstream you get the benefit of the current spinning the lure. Still, can't knock it as you were successful in catching a few nice ones. Congratulations on your catch and release policy; more fish for everyone that way.
    British Columbia, Canada

  8. Nice brown trout in minute 9, but I can't handle an hour of this. Drop after you tangled up n tree. You might want to move from "uncut" to edited to increase your views.

  9. For the life of me, I can't tell where you are. This stream just looks so foreign to be a trout stream. Wherever you are, to me this seems like such marginal water as to hardly qualify as a trout stream. Are you in Europe somewhere?

  10. I've watched every one of these videos and they're all great. First person perspective almost puts you there in the water. I used to fish similar UK waters 40 plus years ago, although mainly for Chub or Perch (with the odd Trout). I hope to be starting angling again next year after almost 40 years break…now back to the video 🙂

  11. Your stupid, you cast well but your dumb. Trout don’t like to live in company? Are you ducking kidding me? Lol you cast once then keep going it’s like pointless. Thumbs down for sure on this vid

  12. Thank you for watching this video! However, even though it is relatively popular, much better segments were recorded since this was posted back in the Autumn 2016. If you found this one at least marginally interesting, click the channel logo and browse more recent videos. There is also a series of shorter videos for those in a hurry 😊
    By the way, you can always speed up the playback in the video settings. And note that summaries of longer videos are given at the end of descriptions.
    Tight lines!

  13. I think you're getting sick, because you're approaching places where the fish finds too much. And the video is great. Try to throw mepps from a greater distance.

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