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SmartWhips Off-Road LED Lighted Whips

SmartWhips Off-Road LED Lighted Whips

In our next episode we take our Jeep
Wrangler off-roading, so in preparation we installed an off-road LED lighted
whip from SmartWhips for added safety. Available in 4 or 6 foot lengths, all
SmartWhips include a quick disconnect design for a safer and more secure
mounting option. Its o-ring seal keeps out dirt sand water and moisture. It
features an unlimited number of colors, controlled entirely via a smartphone app
over Bluetooth. Every color strobes, stays solid, or fades. Using the app you can
choose or create a custom color, control the speed of the strobe or fade and more.
What’s cool is that no matter what mode you’re in, hitting the brakes will turn it a
solid or flashing red color. Now if you get stuck or need help you can use the
integrated SOS distress signal. Also available is an auxiliary input wire for
a white light which can be tied into your vehicle’s reverse light or can be
used with a dash switch to provide additional lighting when you need it
most. Both of these features work whether the
whip is on or off. It’s made out of fiberglass and a polycarbonate tubing
which gives it incredible strength and flexibility to withstand the forces of
nature, large flags, extreme bending and of course you’re crazy off-road driving.
You can also rock a dual-led whip setup and sync them up so that they both use
the same mode and color at the same time. The SmartWhip has an easy 4 wire
connection and they also have accessories and more. Visit smartwhips.com
for the ultimate LED light whip and tell him I sent ya!

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