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Starcraft Freedom 160

Starcraft Freedom 160

– Hey, I’m Mark Romanack, and we’re doing a test ride video on one of Starcraft’s little utility boats, it’s called the SF. It’s a 16-footer, I
think you’re gonna find it’s a great little fishing boat. This nice little utility fishing boat is 16-foot, five inches,
down the center line. Has a beam of 70-inches, and it’s got a maximum horsepower
capacity of 40 horses. Now, we’re sitting in the utility boat, but this utility boat actually has a lot of fishing amenities. In fact, it’s got a live whirl effect. It’s got a very generous live well. It’s got multiple dry
storage compartments as well. It’s got a flat, vinyl floor, which is a perfect flat
platform for fishing from. And, it’s got seat base configuration, so, you can move your
seat around the boat, to fish in comfort. So, all in all, this boat has got a whole lot of fishing amenities. Up in the bow of the boat is a raised, elevated, casting deck up here, that’s got a huge storage
space underneath it. Plenty big for all your bulky items, things like your life jackets. Otherwise, you’d probably just leave it on the floor of your boat. Sitting up here in the bow now, and there’s plenty of room up here for a bow mounted electric motor. In fact, it even comes standard with a 12-volt electric motor plug already pre-wired in the
boat from the factory. So, this particular little utility boat, I think you’re gonna find
for not a lot of money, there’s a lot of fishing boat. If you want to find out
more about this boat, I suggest going to Starcraftmarine.com. Or, if you don’t wanna look online, just check out your
favorite Starcraft dealer, and see one of these rigs in person.

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  1. Why put a bench seat in the back? You have 2 spots for swivel seats in the mid and now, what about the driver? Doesnt make sense.

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