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Stephen Hawking Kimdir ? ( Türkçe Seslendirmeli Hayatı Kısa Biyografi Belgeselleri )

Stephen Hawking Kimdir ? ( Türkçe Seslendirmeli Hayatı Kısa Biyografi Belgeselleri )

Welcome to the life story of Stephen Hawking, a man who admired the whole world to himself, with his intelligence, ideas, theories and also his struggle with the helpless illness. Çeviri – Translate : Lora Toros
[email protected] He was borned on January 8th 1942 at Oxford, United Kingdom in the 300. death anniversary of Galile. His mother Isabel and father Frank Hawking called him “Stephen William Hawking”. Stephen moved to St. Albans which is 20 miles away from London with his family When he was 8 years old and started to go to school when he was 11. After graduading from the school in St. Albans, he has continued his education in his father’s old school, Oxford University. His father wanted him to study medicine but, Stephen wanted to study Mathematics. As there wasn’t Mathematics department in Oxford, he preferred to study Physics. After a while, he began to like physics, research about astronomy and realized that what he wanted was to develop himself in the field of cosmology As Oxford did not have this department, he went to Cambridge University. Stephen was 21 years old and master degree student when snags and clumsiness began He ignored it and didn’t tell anything to his parents But, after falling down from the stairs one night, he couldn’t hide the imbalance of his body and went to hospital with his father. Doctors diagnosed him with ALS (Amyotrofik Lateral Skleroz). And that wasn’t all, doctors also told him that, he will probably die in a few years. Stephen met Jane Wilde at the train station shortly before his illness was diagnosed and fell in love with her. As his disease progressed more slowly than the doctors told him, he returned to science and thanks to a scholarship received he married to Jane Wilde in 1965, without wasting time. At their wedding, Stephen could only stand with the help of a walking stick. Over time, the muscles of the arms and legs have completely lost the power to keep Stephen stand. But, nothing could stop him, even when he couldn’t use his hands, he spoke, Jane wrote and completed his PhD thesis. The first boy of these two crazy young people was born in 1967 and they called him Robert. In 1970, their baby girl Lucy was born and in 1979, their final child Tim was born. After finishing his PhD in Cambridge, Stephen became a research assistant and then a professor’s assistant at Gonville and Caius College. In 1973, he left the Institute for Astronomy and transferred to the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. After 1980, he became a ’Lucasian Professor of Mathematics” in the Department of Mathematics. This was a very special professorship, because this unit was founded in 1663 by the university parliamentary member “Henry Lucas”. Firstly this important task was given to Isaac Barrow and then in 1669, to Isaac Newton. Stephen Hawking devoted himself to understanding the unknowns of the universe and studied the basic principles of the universe. As a result of his work, together with Roger Penrose, they showed that, Einstein’s ” The Theory of General Relativity ” which covering space and time, started with the Big Bang Theory and ended with the black holes. This result showed that the General Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics must be combined. Due to his trachea operation in 1985, it had to be added another device to his wheelchair because Stephen had also lost his voice. A computer capable of converting text into speech was connected to his chair, so that he did not lose contact with people. When he wanted to talk, Stephen squeezed the remote control in his hand and could sort out an average of 10 words per minute on the special computer monitor attached to his wheelchair. Maybe he lost his voice, but there was a lot to tell us. Stephen Hawking, like all geniuses, displayed works beyond his age. He became the best known among the recent scientists, for his claims about quantum physics and black holes. His books about the theories and universe, have been translated into 40 languages. Stephen’s growing fame was exerting tremendous pressure on his marriage Difficulties brought by the disease was also added on. Lastly, his relationship with his nurse Elaine Mason, the wife of Stephen’s first wheelchair designer David Mason, has completely broken his marriage. As a result, Jane and Stephen were formally divorced in 1995 and Stephen married to his nurse Elaine in the same year. At the beginning of the 2000s, rumors appeared that Elaine was violent against Stephen. In the investigation launched by the police, Stephen remained silent. Stephen’s second marriage with Elaine was ended silently in 2006. He never stopped. He always kept researching and surprising. He talked about a major catastrophe awaiting the World in his book “ The Universe in a Nutshell ”, published in 2001. As a solution, he emphasized the importance of creating colonies in space. His first book of fame was “ A Brief History of Time From The Big Bang to the Black Holes ”, which was released in 1988 and sold over 90 million copies by 2002. In his book “ The Universe in a Nutshell ”, he explained the secrets behind important discoveries since his first book. This book was also the continuation of the first book. Hawking was considered to be the most perfect theoretical physicist ever since Einstein, and he has proven this with all the books he has written. Stephen Hawking has also been published books, other than the scientific books. He has published children’s books, covering the universe with his daughter Lucy, “ George’s Secret Key To The Universe ”, “ George and The Unbreakable Code ”, “ George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt ” and “ George and The Big Bang ”. Hawking mentioned fatalism in his book “Black Holes and Baby Universes” and he wrote that, even people who believed that everything was predetermined, to have looked right and left as they crossed the street. Stephen Hawking, oftenly denied the existance of a creator, in his books. He made it clear that, when the Unified Field Theory was reached, the concept of a God in was not needed in the universe’s creation process. Stephen, believed in the importance of space. He made the journey of his life when he was 65, in 2007. He stood in the air, independent from his wheelchair, , . in a non-gravity environment He was the first paralyzed person to stay hanged in the air. He said he did it, to increase the interest in space travel. He mentioned the importance of space travel with the words, “ I believe that a nuclear war, a genetically modified virus or some other growing hazards threat the life on the earth. I don’t thing that, human beings have a future, unless they go to space ”. Stephen Hawking has been honored with a series of impressive awards and medals throughout his entire career. Stephen Hawking, received 12 honors for his contributions to physics, also received the title of “ Lucasian Professor of Mathematics ” from the Cambridge University. British cosmologist and physics professor Stephen Hawking died on March 14th, 2018 in Cambridge, UK, at the age of 76, and his ashes buried with Newton and Darwin. After Stephen Hawking’s death, his 22 personal belongings were sold for $ 1.8 million in an auction in England. At the auction, Hawking’s doctoral thesis titled “ Properties of an Expanding Universe “ found the recipient at 584,750 pound. Thanks for watching the biography until the end. Feel free to message us about your comments and please do not forget to like the video if you like it. Keep in touch and stay tracked.

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