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Stephen hawking n’est plus – Utopie VS Réalité #4

Stephen hawking n’est plus – Utopie VS Réalité #4

This Wednesday, March 14, 2018, the famous physicist
Stephen Hawking was dead. Carrying with him a sick body with a
brilliant spirit and his passion for black holes. He gave hope that one day we could
explain this amazing phenomenon. This Man could demonstrate that despite a
important disability, we can change the world and share treasures. Leaving the scientific aspect of the person,
Stephen Hawking proved to us that by being passionate, we could enjoy despite
moments of difficulty. That the physical body is not the end
of the human being and whatever you want, if we work hard enough, we can
to access. According to him: “As horrible as life
may seem, there is always something thing you can do or a domain
in which you can meet success. As long as there is life, there is hope
” And hope, he had some. He was fascinated by the big questions
that we could ask ourselves by giving it a scientific aspect and was convinced that
science will interest every human being because we love to ask questions
we do not have the answers. I am inspired by this man because while leaving
of a utopia, he was able to create a reality ! Hi dreamers. How to speak of utopia without quoting Stephen
Hawking? Unfortunately, I did not seize the opportunity
to talk about it while alive but what I’m going telling you will be even more impacting. This man who changed the vision of the community
scientist by the discovery of the big bang in 1970, theorizing the mechanics of
black holes between 1971 and 1975, giving another point of view at the birth of galaxies
in 1982 and explaining the universe model without a border, ie a universe that has not
no limit in time or space in 1983. Leave us today with a big question
: the announced end of humanity … According to him, the man will only have about a hundred
of year to live on earth and I am shocked. Whether because of global warming,
risks of artificial intelligence, the possibility of a nuclear war or
the dangers of genetic manipulation, the only hope for Stephen Hawking will be
to send the man to Mars as soon as possible. In the face of this shocking announcement, can we
believe that go on Mars on this short lapse time be accessible?
Must we imagine leaving our beautiful planet ?
Or rather change our habits to make the land a little less imperfect?
Faced with these questions, I have no answer absolute, but I have an idea that trots
behind the head? Imagine that we can make the theory
Hawking’s true and false at the same time. That we leave the opportunity to the community
scientist to find solutions from our living. But also that we change our ways
to live while trying not to make everything worse before. Imagine that by changing our production
and consumption through processes inspired by of nature while continuing to evolve
technologically our future we can eradicate the tare of warming
climate. But according to Hawking, this warming is not
not the only problem facing the announced end of humanity. The risk of a nuclear war is a
very likely cause of rapid destruction of the inhabitants of this earth, and the intelligence
artificial can even take the decision alone. This hypothesis worthy of a Hollywood movie
could come to light if we did not do Warning. But then, imagine a world where we stopped
to depend on technology blindly, that we stop giving more importance
to a computer or a phone that has your parents or your children. A world where we are not the slave but
rather the master of technology. That we are able to live the moment
present without breaking a discussion by the phone and its ringtone. We could condition our mind to
be attentive to the world, and can be avoided that artificial intelligence does not become
the first source of knowledge and information. That we are able to understand that the
war is not the solution and will never be the solutions. Imagine a world where Stephen’s thoughts
Hawking be distorted by our actions and change situations. Where finally we can live in
a better future than we imagined. But at the same time we are smart enough
to understand that we must act to have change. Because, as Stephen said:
“Science is an endless story. The question is not who exactly,
who’s wrong. The goal is to progress. The biggest challenges are not overcome
when our predictions are accurate but when they are not. We discover new information
that require us to change everything that we think we know. ” If this video pleased you, subscribe, live
your dreams, just believe it.

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  1. Vraiment merci au concours fanta de m'avoir fait découvrir ta chaîne. Chacune de tes vidéos me donne des frissons, ton message st incroyablement touchant, je te remercie pour ce beau travail 🙏

  2. tes videos sont mieux travaillées qu'avant, mais attention à ne pas abuser de ta transition, au bout de 30 secondes je pouvais plus regarder ta video tellement ca perturbait mon regard, du coup je l'ai écoutée

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