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Stephen Hawking: the origins of the universe

Stephen Hawking: the origins of the universe

right after the Big Bang the universe almost perfectly over the next 200 million years gravity began to pull the gas back together to produce the very first structures from which everything else would grow but even this very nearly didn’t happen if it weren’t for another stroke of cosmic luck they would be no you know me no stars or planets or anything at all we know this because in 1982 a group of scientists including myself spent three solid weeks working it out although the calculations were hard demonstrating what we discovered is easy first I need a nice flat floor like this one for example this is the dining room in my college I’m going to fill the place with lots and lots of ball bearings these Bulls represent the matter of the early universe the thin gas spread out evenly across the vast cosmos here’s where luck comes in if they’re all the same distance apart gravity pulls each ball the same amount in all directions they stay perfectly aligned and precisely nothing happens fortunately one of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing’s perfect perfection simply doesn’t exist the early universe had a tiny unevenness that can be simulated by removing just five ball bearings it may not look like much has changed but to gravity those missing balls create a giant opportunity gravity now pulls more strongly on one side of some of the bearings the tiny irregularities in the ceiling of ball bearings have given gravity something to sink its teeth and this is exactly what happened back where we left the young universe parts of the sea of early gas were ever so slightly thinner than others the less dense areas were like the gaps between the ball bearings the denser parts of the sea of gas where gravity was having its way clumped together and it was in these areas that all the stars and galaxies would fall the cosmos had taken its first step towards the beautiful place it is today all thanks to irregularity imperfections a lack of order

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  1. It is important to remember that while we do know what we know, we know it only from within the current construct of our ability to see, hear and think about what we see and hear.  Who knows?  We may one day develop an expansion of our ability to see, hear and think about what we see and hear.   

  2. You have failed to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt just HOW because of gravity, the universe can, and DID create itself! Science based on the defenition of the word is "knowlege derived from systemized observation, and study". All you have said was, how you think the universe was formed. You haven't proven it scientifically. The second law of thermodynamics proves to us that the universe had a beginning, because matter simply cannot exist without energy! And the universe is running out of usable energy every second in the same that the sun is is burning up it's fuel every second. So if gravity formed the universe, in what PREVIOUSE universe did gravity exist in?

  3. The knowledge is amazing random gas can exist for some reason but yet it's impossible for a god to create the universe I never thought about that.

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