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Storing tackle in your fishing boat

Storing tackle in your fishing boat

Whether you’re a top tier pro or a weekend
angler, being more organized in your boat adds up to more fishing time. Today’s boats are built with outstanding in
deck storage to store and organize contents. Here are a few suggestions to quickly locate
key fishing gear. First off I color code species specific fishing
rods with different sleeve colors so they don’t get mixed up. If you’re a multi species fisherman, separate
your gear out to different storage areas in the boat. Bass gear is located in bow compartments where
I bass fish. Walleye gear and trolling rods are located
in the back of the boat for quick access when back trolling or using planer boards. I use small compartments throughout the boat
for my panfish gear. And fishing tools and accessories should be
in multiple locations for easy access no matter what my fishing situation. An organized boat will keep you focused on
finding and catching fish.

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