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Tactical Fly Fishing for WILD Connecticut Trout (Tankerhoosen River)

Tactical Fly Fishing for WILD Connecticut Trout (Tankerhoosen River)

– class 1 wild stream I got a fish they were born on this river tanker who’s Ian has broken me down in short order Alright guys, this is day three on one of the most challenging trout streams I have ever fished in my life: the Tankerhoosen River. Now this is a Class 1 […]

Lake Fishing for Trout – Stillwater Basics

Lake Fishing for Trout – Stillwater Basics

welcome everyone to the Orvis guide to fly-fishing i’m your host tom rosenbauer joining us today is my friend and guest co-host Phil Rowley Phil is one of the most recognized Stillwater fly fishers in North America he spent over 25 years developing and refining his Stillwater fly-fishing techniques in addition Phil’s authored three books […]

World Record Brook Trout | Nipigon River Ontario

a long time ago in this very river a world-record fish was caught it was such an impressive record that it still stands as one of the longest-serving records to date were in Nipigon Ontario on the shores of the Nipigon River to celebrate that record all this is coming up next on the new […]

Springtime Trout Fishing on a Spinner. Uncut Fishing #7

Hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, This is Uncut Fishing and this is 2017. Just a few words about the rod. This is my rod, 2 meters 40 (cm) or 7 feet 10 (inches). Action is fast, power is medium-light. The spinner is Mepps Aglia TW copper colored number 2 and hook is replaced. So […]

Dry Fly Brown Trout | Grand River

imagine fly-fishing in his quiet stretches matching wits with some of the finest brown trout in one of Canada’s premier fly-fishing destinations the scenery is beyond compare the eons old limestone cliffs rising from the riverbed at times takes your breath away the brown trout on the grand they vary in size the average size […]

Small Stream – Big Trout

Nice evening. Yeah, fantastic Let’s hope we’ll see some fish as well. Yeah, if there are any The stream looks nice but it’s very small There’s one Cool There he was So there are fish in the stream after all. Yeah It’s nice. Bigger than i expected Nice Maybe try a danica imitation He’s up […]