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Bomber Brook Trout

the fish were very active at this time and Wayne suggested I try a dry flight I eagerly tight on an orange bomber the fly was purposely dragged across the surface of the water causing a wake to form behind it this seemed to excite the fish and resulted in many vicious strikes got it […]

Brook Trout, Lake Trout & Ouananiche!

Brook Trout, Lake Trout & Ouananiche!

welcome everyone to the new fly Fisher I’m your host Bill Spicer on this week’s show we’re in beautiful Labrador at Northern Lights fishing lodge our quarry for this week are three different species we have brook trout we have lake trout and we have Juan Anish also known as landlocked salmon we’ll talk about […]

Tactical Fly Fishing for WILD Connecticut Trout (Tankerhoosen River)

Tactical Fly Fishing for WILD Connecticut Trout (Tankerhoosen River)

– class 1 wild stream I got a fish they were born on this river tanker who’s Ian has broken me down in short order Alright guys, this is day three on one of the most challenging trout streams I have ever fished in my life: the Tankerhoosen River. Now this is a Class 1 […]

Sea Trout Fishing From Boat – Chasing Silver On Shallow Water!

Today we are at one of the danish fjords, to chase some winter trout. Its a bit different today, because the weather and water temperature has dropped the last days. So the seatrout are gonna gather around in schools, and can be a bit hard to locate. So yeah, a bit different from normal seatrout […]

Dry Fly Brown Trout | Grand River

imagine fly-fishing in his quiet stretches matching wits with some of the finest brown trout in one of Canada’s premier fly-fishing destinations the scenery is beyond compare the eons old limestone cliffs rising from the riverbed at times takes your breath away the brown trout on the grand they vary in size the average size […]