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(relaxing acoustic music)– It’s fall in Ontario.It’s raining but I’m excited.Why?It’s steelhead time, my very favorite time of the year.I’ve made my way to Walkerton, Ontario.I’ve rented a room and I’ve hiredone of the top guides in Ontario.I’m Bill Spicer.This is The New Fly Fisher.(relaxing acoustic music)– [Announcer] The New Fly Fisherhas been made possible […]


– [Host] Welcome, everyone, to The New Fly Fisher. In this very special episode, we’re focused on learning the basics of European nymphying, also referred to as tight-line nymphing. Joining us, is Jesse Haller, from Vermont, who’s a passionate fan and instructor of this style of fly fishing. We’re on the Farmington River in Connecticut, […]

Restoring North America’s rarest trout

Restoring North America’s rarest trout

The threatened Paiute cutthroat trout has the distinction of being the rarest trout in North America. This fish has been federally protected since 1967. Its historic range is only an 11-mile long section of Silver King Creek located near Markleeville in Alpine County California. The biggest threat to the species is hybridization with non-native rainbow […]

FLY TV – Baltak River

hello my name is patty from progressing you’re watching fly TV and today we’re doing this hello my name is peter from flag racing today I go into her Kasasa to Revati down where I gonna fly fish and today I brought my good friend Marcus harm a song from her kisses Marcus what do […]

Urban Ultra Light Trout Fishing using Lures

Urban Ultra Light Trout Fishing using Lures

You’re asking for it Yeah She’s good. Why she’s gonna come dude. He’s gonna come look. He’s good. Dude, dude, dude, dude. He’s Dude, dude this put the camera in the water. Oh, he’s gonna go he’s gonna do it. Dude. Hold it. Hold it He’s he’s gonna hit it. He’s gonna hit it. He’s […]