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Tea Party Obama Whip Float (Video)

Tea Party Obama Whip Float (Video)

so we have an annual sportsman day parade
apparently had not just by washington if i’m pronouncing that right it’s a probably small
town a lot side of seattle and head it was a tea party group called remember
us we the people and its affiliated apparently with the tea
party patriots as opposed to he party colds or stealers and it’s possible float that many local residents
are quote calling the president in bad taste you’re gonna see why you right now let’s go to quit number four alright batmobile bomber was solved forrest president obama’s that’s what the what analyst with the death of one of them and there signs there as you can see a bomb a care and you see that that person being whipped
as i’m sure future that’s fair and assign says that uh… manobo message
for the years sake it’s stands for paying out there within our debt who surprised that this weekend and employed kallins radio flyer legislative states having to poured in you know all those that that live right patli the people that owe bomber supporting they’re
putting that on that future generations beginning at the point the whipping that’s clever clever not all races you know now look it up electives i don’t wanna keep saying things are racist
rate so ok solicits patrons right spoke who use that would stand for and they would
whip people depends bucket but are king of lease concedes there really really
bad idea but can you really so when you were coming
out with the idea do you think like winners which before it all right right i should we make them analogy it is kind of war now let’s go with thank that was still the line of thinking and they know now local all other local residents
were told a dozen this is outrageousness who went way over the line etcetera and uh… spoke with the guy involved in this uh… remember us we the people folks ticked groaning uh… he said we went a little too far but let me know like a mess is we try to give
you as a racist that’s really unfortunate but gee i wonder where they got the idea is
that look if you said i’m against all the public there why would people call you raised
okay now if he said hey i’m against obama x policy you don’t give a call you resist spoke with
you slavery analogies that’s sense since then hence the sets people antennas of writing
them that’s questionable but i keep singing away
like i’m trying to convince kurt can you not see
that you know what does that seem like while all that’s crazy i have a lot of that or you associate with muslim are you with us so say what’s where what were you go on for we tried come up into little uh… by doing they’re sending another story yesterday but
it’s an barrels for them and is the guys who are putting or bombers face on food stamps but very link it was on the five analyzing
is on the loan worship about was this guy first steps enough like like four-by-four but what if what you want cleared up by the
way one of them had watermelon and projects so-so bombs that pressure we cover story before bearable bacteria i think pile club rates i’m just saying oh
boy meets watermelon of fried chicken and should be elephants that what what what and
we’ll keep a lot law where you get these crazy

100 thoughts on “Tea Party Obama Whip Float (Video)

  1. @Asymmatrix And what? Car insurance is costly either? How does car insurance make sense?
    What costs more…the maintenance of your car over 10 years or the unlikely incident of being involved in a small crash? Most crashed are small. They are not going to "total" your car. So it makes NO SENSE to pay car insurance where only "accidents" are paid for (which isn't all the time) which your payments increase anyways.And getting tickets increase your payments. Why? How does car insurance make sense

  2. @Asymmatrix I get that you have to stay alive but you don't need a vehicle. However, many people do need a vehicle. public transportation is just not feasible for everyone.

    But putting that aside, car insurance should be there like health insurance…be there for check-ups and maintenance.

    There can be a separate policy where you pay higher premiums for the more costly procedures.

  3. @Asymmatrix I really dont worry about any of this. I have MSP which is a provincial plan through a province in Canada. Love it. 57$ a month and no problems.

  4. @number676766 Yes, it's in extremely bad taste. And it's got some racist undertones but the fact that Obama doesn't descend from slaves makes it hard to make that connection… at least if you're a rational thinker. Then again, the whole whip/slave thing could be used for any president they think is limiting freedom.

  5. @Jamez773 I think it's gray or at least, arguably gray. Yes, a racist will group together all Black people without considering the fact that we didn't all get here as a result of Middle Passage. But on the other hand, they could just be complaining about an elected official who's limiting their freedom.

    Now is the impetus for all their underlying objections to Obama's policy his race? Maybe. I think think, "yes" in most instances. But ultimately it's their general stupidity about all things.

  6. Im not sure that its so clear cut. John Kings "cotton pickin" comment comes to mind, but at least he quickly appologized when it was brought to his attention.

  7. God I'm with you it's stupid but seriously stop with the accusations of racism on every single political story. Just because he's black doesn't mean everything is fucking racism.

  8. @PuppyXz
    If you don't care about the accuracy of their information you'd might as well go watch Fox. It takes two seconds to verify what the sign actually says.

    He didn't care if he was accurate, he didn't care to double check. You might be okay with people presenting false information but I'm not.

  9. i bet u if obama was white and he was using the whip he wudnt asosiate it with slavery id wud be totally find all these double standards piss me off

  10. Also, I honnestly fail to see any sort of racism in this at all. In fact I find it a little racialist to claim that it is. That being said, it still doesn't make sense.

  11. @LibertyRadical You call an unimportant misreading of a sign "making stuff up". Really now, you do not pay attention to the news if that is what you consider making stuff up.

  12. @LibertyRadical Actually its a Talk Show, as they often say and is obvious by the fact that they're giving their opinion all throughout the show unlike real News shows ever should… …Whatever

  13. @LibertyRadical You misunderstood me: they don't say they are a news show – they say they are a talk show. Talk shows deal in opinions, not necessarily facts, so they're doing exactly what they should be.

  14. @CUTWEST Are you talking about my double 'n' typo, or is there something I legitimately spelled wrong and I'm currently unable to notice? "Racialist" is a psuedo-word, btw.

  15. Stenk, the democrats and the rinos are enslaving us with debt, led by President B.O. It is sad that you have to make up things to call us racists. We don't care about race, we care about reintroducing constutionnal government to the American people. Instead of making shit up, why don't you deal with the debt facts and our hugely bloated bureacracy?

  16. In the Palination, the Tea Party will do a Sarah Palin whipping float where she whips naked fat cat male politicians into pulling the float with their PUSSIES in full display while other corrupt male politicians including BOTH DEMS and RINOS are hung UPSIDEDOWN naked on crosses with their legs spread out and their bodies placed in a T shape! Women on the float will carry signs saying DOWN with male CORRUPTION and PRAISE the PALIN WOMAN GOVT! This float will be in the GREATEST TASTE!

  17. @Mortello Your are 100% right. Bush was a big Givernment liberal republican and nearly brought us to the precipice. President B.O. is pushing us over the edge!

  18. @Asymmatrix Actually,that possiblity is not very high in relation to you getting sick or your family getting sick. Your family is more likely to get sick than be in a car accident this year. Mandatory private insurance,no mater how many times you want to call it "illegal", its not. Nowhere in the Constitution does it forbade the federal government from focring its citizens to buy insurance.Actually,one could make the argument that the government is "protecting" its people by forcing the coverage

  19. @Asymmatrix Either way, its not like I want the mandate. I wouldn't mind as much as long as there were a little ocmpetition to bring down the premiums

  20. the new battle cry of racist fucktrds seems to be:

    "I'm not a racist BUT…"

    Every time i hear "I'm not a racist But…" without fail, it is followed immediately by racist stupidity.

    Guess what. If you ever said "you're not a racist but", you're a racist.

  21. @seattle8686 The consitution enumerates powers of the fedral government. Nowhere in the constitution is health insurance enumerated.Only statists could make the argument that the government is "protecting" its people by forcing the coverage. Thats okay, you will get reintroduced to the U.S. consitution and get to know liberty.

  22. @Paulsur Take a breather. Calm down. I am telling you (through wording) how a government official may make the case that a mandate would be in line with the Constitition. I never said this is right or it should be done. But the Constitution also doesn't that people have the right to get married or have cars or have schools that are paid for…but we interpret what we assume the founding fathers would have wanted.

    And be an intellectual. Don't name call.

  23. @Paulsur "you will get reintroduced to the U.S. constitution and get to know liberty"….LOL….you assume quite a bit. Thats the problem with Americans nowadays and the news that they watch…they assume they have equal legitimacy in their opinion.

    Problem is, just because we have equality in what we get to say, you don't get equal weight in WHAT you HAVE to say. Case in point, those who believe in a flat earth. You can say its a flat earth, doesn't mean you get equal credibility (contd)

  24. @Paulsur See, you are coming off as if you have studied statism and governmental policy and constitutional law. Most idiots on the internet forums don't. Thats why they are on the internet forums. If they knew the background, they would be studying it.

    I don't portray myself as a scholar in government/politic/constitutional law…I am a scholar in another field…but people like you come off as if you know it all and make assumptions of others and use fancy words you know little about

  25. @Paulsur You say I will be introduced to the Constitution and "get to know liberty"…whatever the hell that means………please…..not to use a cliche…but enlighten me….tell me how I will be reintroduced….I could use a night cap of humour

  26. @M15949 Why don;t you find a little about the people you make baseless accusations about before you go off on your rant? Liberals are statists. Statists seek to create government to limit the free market and it's citizens. How does forcing individuals to buy insurance become liberty? How does raising $17 billion doallars on the backs of small business sound like liberty? Have some more of that obama juice buddy!

  27. @Paulsur whatever. save your partisan rebuttals for people who actually make the argument, you'll waste less time.

    We were discussing what a racist you are. Since you didn't actually rebut my point, I'll make a note that you agree.

    Bye foamy.

  28. @M15949 Oh I didnt have to rebut your point, I rebuked and proved what a lying pointless peice of crap it was by using your own senseless logic upon yourself.

  29. I am going to have to go with not racist on this one. Actually, I am going with not stupid either. We are here talking about it. It got attention.

  30. @YOSHY343 I've seen evidence that it happens. It doesn't seem to be happening often though. Most of these things are of their own doing. Much to the embarrassment of non-racist Tea Partiers.

  31. @llcyll I never understood that stereotype. I'm white and I love fried chicken. (drools) I'm not a big fan of watermelon, but I know plenty of white guys who LOVE it.

  32. @Paulsur duh, no actually you spewed beck and billo jizz, i guess you must suck off at the font of all wisdom republican
    Oh, by the way, the president who grew the federal government more than any other in history was George W. Bush.

    Kinda funny the massive gap between your precious little talking points and how it actually works here on earth.

  33. @M15949 Weasel: Bush is one of your statist big governement nanny children. BO is just like Bush but an even bigger big gov't nanny statist. This November we will reintroduce to you and all America liberty and consitutional government. It won't be an immediate and all consuming process. It is likely to take a generation to reverse the past 80 years of out of control government, but we will suceed and the true change starts this November 2nd.

  34. Retarded and in poor taste? Yes.

    Racist? No.

    But I am sure that the group will claim that they were Liberal Agent Provocateurs attempting to make them look bad.

  35. Why is everything negative connected to black people racist? It's really annoying.
    We have the same thing here in Sweden. If you say something bad about immigrants you are racist. But here's the thing, not everything can be traced back to a delusion of racial superiority.

  36. @rpierre777 I agree about the watermelon, but realize that he was referring to an email that is running around, they actually didn't create it. So slavery parade thingy is separate from the obama food stamp. Food stamp is bad.

    Also, if you talk to doctors about medicare, you might find out that medicare pays like 70% of the bill, and says f' you to the doctor. also, if you have no insurance, it costs 20% less. Explain how having insurance makes surgery cost more.

  37. @hughster41 thats because he's not you nitwit, our fiscal deficit is shrinking, like it always does under every democratic president. Idiots like you stray any productive conversation into abyss, crawl in a deep hole please.

  38. @bluefootedpig The amount the doctor/hospital charges the patient is what they have decided to charge. Medicare does not set the charges for medical procedures. They only specify how much of the total bill they will reimburse for. It's the same with private insurance. A good amount of the money alotted for Medicare is going into administration costs for private insurance companies to manage the coverage. If we remove them out the picture, that money can go into reimbursement.

  39. @bluefootedpig Insurance (private or govt) only set reimbursement rates. They have no say-so in total costs. Now, for private insurance, some of them have only 65% reimbursement rates-especially for Out-of-Network providers.

    From working 5 yrs in insurance, I don't know of any medical procedure (off the top of my head) that costs less if you don't have insurance. I know medication costs less without it. That's a profit issue.

  40. @hughster41 I guess you forgot to read the next line "But the shortfall was forecast to shrink to 8.3 percent of GDP in 2011." lol nice backing up, furthermore, letting the tax cuts expire will add another 700 billion over 10 years, sooooo hmmmmmm thanks for backing up my shit I guess. L.O.L

  41. @bluefootedpig Say a drug cost $5 (which a lot of them do) and the insurance company says they will allow the patient to buy this drug for $20 for a fee of $10/person, the drug company will jump on that, because for every person that buys the drug, they make $5 per person who buys the drug. Now multiply that by 200+ people needing this drug every month. They make over $1000/m on a $5 drug. They aren't worried about losing customers, because most patients on Medicare need the drugs.

  42. @hughster41 yess lots of biased speculation I agree, its your source not mine, heres something a little more tangible, local, current, and business oriented not political BS.

  43. @LibertyRadical

    Yes they probably did realize it, but Cenk can go off the top and say something that he just notices then and there in the video – hence the mistake. Not particularly a big mistake, at least not as big you suggesting that "many people in studio = he can't make an in the moment decision to say something which was not run through the team".

  44. I associate whips with S&M!!!

    – Moreover, it *might* not be intentionally racist (their was black on black, white on white, black on white, arab on black, etc. etc. slavery throughout history – remember Slave being from slav or east european) still even if it isn't racist it is 100% hyperbolic inflammatory shit.

  45. @LordSnow69 you make a big deal out of a lot of things. Did you just call me a 'Cenk Apologist'? Is there some secret group out there YOU know about. There's no such thing as a Cenk apologist, it's not that serious. Cenk reading the sign wrong (which is funny, even with glasses he didn't see that), has nothing to do with the overall argument. And your only rebuttal is to focus on his mistake and not his point. You obviously had no counter and was reduced to nitpicking.
    Nitpickers are idiots.

  46. Q who used to have whips?
    A.1 The Romans? 2The Arabs ? 3The Africans? +Europeans?
    That is why those who suffered under the Roman (2,3,4) empire etc etc. can never forget the injustices visited upon their people. That is why Romans= Italians ( 2,3 etc) have to confront their wrongdoings and forever be condemned
    I guess to avoid the deliberate predictable response they should have had Biden or Hillary with the whip.

  47. That sign VERY CLEARLY says OUR debt.

    Also, I don't think that float is in bad taste at all. Our current financial system basically makes us slaves and Obama is the public face of the governmental/corporate interests that control all of it. I'd say that float sums it up rather succinctly.

    For context, I'm half black.

  48. When will people realize that the Tea Party has become nothing more than a bullshit spin off of the GOP made up of morons who don't know their asses from their elbows?

  49. @PJYost38 Okay, Unlike the "Turkdouche" i don't think the float was racist, and the angle that the "our" was at made him misread it, But even if Obama was a member of the "democratic SOCIALISTS" tell me how that makes him COMMUNIST. There is a difference, Go back to Freshman History and they will tell you. And why would anyone in their right mind vote communist, Communism has proven to be a failure as a system, Almost NO ONE in America wants it.

  50. The Tea Party welcomes both parties and independents. Why do you hate them so much? They are simply sick of out of control government spending and the crazy incompetence with other peoples money!

  51. Stops the video. Reads "our" debt. Concludes the maker of this video or the one speaking is a complete dumb-ass.

    Plus the guy with the whip is symbolizing something. He's not racist against African Americans. Maybe because he is African… but for the people who know how obama is using everyone to get what he wants… well I don't need to tell you how things are going to end up in this country. The float tells of what's to come.

  52. because obama is black its racist? who was whipping the black guy because i didn't see it how about you?

  53. As a canadian, the hate on free healthcare is so strange and confusing to me. We have it and it's pretty awesome!

  54. I would not have made that connection as we didn't have that sort of slavery in my country. I guess it is a part of American history. 

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