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Terminating the Downrigger Cable

Terminating the Downrigger Cable

(music) Hi I’m Captain Mark Bachman. I’m a pro
staff member for Cannon Downriggers. And today I’d like to show you how we’re
going to re-terminate our downrigger cable. It’s a simple couple of steps to do so. Cannon makes a wonderful terminator kit and this is something that you should have on board all the time. They have about five or six different pieces that are needed to make this
termination happen. First you put your boot on there and you put that up there.
And then next we’ll take a swivel and you put that on. And it’s always best to
use up a pliers or something like that. It just makes a little bit easier to get
in this little bit of an opening that they have there. Once you get that on now
you’re all set to go. Then you take your cable and you simply insert it on the
backside there come around and then get the swivel included in it once you have
that done then you can go on to the next step. The holes are a little small – you’ve got to
kind of feel them out a little bit but it’s not too bad. Then you go like that
and now you have a loop and there is a third hole that comes down the center and we’ll look for that Like I say, they are smaller holes a
little bit hard to find but not too bad. There you go. And get it through there.
Once you have that all done now you’re ready to tighten up all of your loose
ends so to speak. That one is there. Get that swivel out of the way. There’s a lip that it lays on the top there. Take it up just a little bit and now
this is the part where we latch it down. We have our snubber on there and they
always want to use a flat plyers when you crimp it. And it’s just this simple.
There we go. Crimp it down and then take your snubber boot…put that right over the top and that’s it – right there. And now you have
re-terminated you downrigger cable and you’re all set to go. And also when
you’re doing this – this is a great time to take off 10 or 15 feet – maybe
even 20 – of your downrigger cable and inspect it – make sure there’s no frays in it, and you’ll be all set, and you won’t loose any tackle. And that’s all for today. Thank you.

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  1. Thanks for the video. I just received my order or 2 Terminators. The diagrams are not clear. Very weak. This is a great video that will help me get this job done!!!!! Thank you so much for the share

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