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Tesla Short’s: Regenerative Braking

Tesla Short’s: Regenerative Braking

Regenerative Braking, that’s what this Tesla
has.That means: if you put your foot off the gas pedal… Instead of driving and putting electricity
into to motors to drive the wheels, you’ll take energy from the moving wheels and the
electric motors will put that energy into the batteries. So that means if you just take the foot off
the gas pedal, that the batteries will be charging. Just by slowing down. So on your right you have the acceleration
pedal to speed up. And on the left you have your break pedal. So what happens if you just take your foot
off the gas pedal? The car will be slowing down. And will be ‘breaking’. So the break feeling is the energy from the
electric motors that puts the electricity back in the batteries. So they will be charging. Because of the regenerative breaking you can
drive with one foot. So if you want to slow down, you just take
your foot off the gas pedal and the car will slow down.

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