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The Alt-Right Playbook: Always a Bigger Fish

The Alt-Right Playbook: Always a Bigger Fish

100 thoughts on “The Alt-Right Playbook: Always a Bigger Fish

  1. The idea that money is finite is not true. We have measures of the money supply that you can look up (called M2) and the government is constantly in the business of increasing the money supply. But money is just a piece of paper which by itself is worthless. No one is after the actual money, they’re after the wealth that you can obtain with the money.

    You get rich in capitalism by creating or providing a product or service for people who voluntarily decide to consume your product or service. The free market is the best incentive structure to create these products and services by creating entire job markets for people to enter. The free market also achieves the cheapest price for these products and services by incentivizing competition amongst companies. The investors get rich by taking a risk and reaping the reward (But actually, most of the time, they lose money… most start up businesses fail), and the people who don’t take the risk still get opportunities in the job market. This is the real conservative position on this subject, not the nonsense your saying about sharks and minows

  2. As someone who's come to lean conservative, this is probably one of the more informative and thought provoking channels I've stumbled across recently.

  3. To be fair you should have used progressive and conservative because liberals like the ones that allied with Mussolini when pushed came to shove cared more about capitalism than they did democracy

  4. I dislike the liberal parties because they are terrible at math. Still waiting on Elizabeth warrens plan for paying for healthcare.

  5. wowwww… U did a great job of manipulating the 'truth'. Leftists & Socialists are the, 'fascists…; NOT Conservativez. Liez, liez, & more liez. Wht a fokkd-up brain u hav. Soooo, dis-ingenuous!!

  6. @Innuendo Studios
    JESUS H!!! There are just as many if not more Billionaires that give to the Left than to the Right. Why? Because of crony capitalism.


    "We cross-checked the Open Secrets list of the top 100 individuals donating to outside spending groups in the current election against the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires and found that, as of June 19, there were 22 individuals on the Open Secrets list who were billionaires. Of those 22 billionaires, 13 — or more than half — gave predominantly to liberal groups or groups affiliated with the Democratic Party. The other nine gave predominantly to conservative groups."

    I mean seriously, you have a picture of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, BOTH whom donate to the Democratic party. My god man, you need to do a little research.

  7. @innuendo Studios
    HOLY S##$$T!!! I cannot let this go.

    Fascism maps more cleanly onto Conservatism? Now I know you have no clue what you're talking about. Do you even know the definition of Fascism? I see you have a pic of Trump in there. Tell me how in any way Trump is Fascist. Just ONE. In fact, nobody in that photo is Fascist.

    What does Fascism look like you ask? Well, I'll tell you. Fascism is people wearing masks and trying to take the freedoms away from people they disagree with, yes I'm referring to Antifa (oh the irony). Just look up the history of the Brown shirts of Germany or the Blackshirts of Italy. Need more say you? Coming right up. Barack Obama implemented Fascism onto our Banking and Healthcare systems. Total government control would have been Socialism. Government telling the free market what to do is Fascism. Government control and growth in general are Left ideologies. Fascism has been and always will be, something of the Left. Yes I said it. NO, you're professor that told you the other way around is lying to you. Socialism and Fascism are of the same grain just as Communism. They ALL stem from the Left.

  8. Now, you're messing with me. Mickey doesn't wear a shirt…why would it be a point of note to notice he isn't wearing something he always doesn't wear?

  9. I know this is just propaganda, but surely you could have learned what the actual Conservative arguments are. Instead you're just arguing against a strawman.

  10. You are either intellectually dishonest, or just not as smart as you think. You have failed to accurately describe the right's argument, and have constructed what we call a "straw-man".

  11. "If you wanna fight fascism, give the government more power so they can give and take from people as they see to be justified" 🙂

  12. 15:00 "And white men at the top influence policy in ways that serve people like them
    which materially benefits white men in the middle. The well being of the white billionaire becomes a metonym for the well being of all white men. A slight on them is a slight on all of us."

    Hmm. Let's try an experiment. Let's swap out [White men] with another group and see how that sounds.

    "And [Jews] at the top influence policy in ways that serve people like them
    which materially benefits [Jews] in the middle. The well being of the [Jewish] billionaire becomes a metonym for the well being of all [Jews]. A slight on them is a slight on all of us."

  13. I usually disagree with these types of videos because they try and assume people's places and I did disagree with some points in this video but some of the points you said I did agree with

  14. I usually disagree with these types of videos because they try and assume people's places and I did disagree with some points in this video but some of the points you said I did agree with

  15. A True Socialist™ considers Liberalism and Fascism the two coins of Capitalism, not a "watered down" socialism, just fyi.

  16. The hypothetical argument at the beginning is the epitome of our current political climate. When 2 people debate politics they both assume their opponent is on the extreme right or left. They say things like “democrats want everyone to be perfectly equal” or “republicans are immoral fascists”

    In reality, even when we tell ourselves that not everyone is an extremist, we involuntarily tend to assume that their beliefs are extreme because it’s easy for our brains to put simple labels on people. That’s just human psychology

    In reality, liberals don’t want everyone to be perfectly equal and have high paying jobs. Just like conservatives, they get that the system requires a pyramid shaped economic class structure. But liberals believe that the pyramid in America isn’t pyramid shaped, the tip is way more narrower than it should be, and the base is way broader than it should be. They’re okay with the pyramid structure just like conservatives, but according to liberals, it isn’t pyramid shaped right now and it should be adjusted using taxation and government programs

  17. All people are not created equal. We are all born with certain traits that make us unique. As we grow our environment helps shape those traits and even creates new ones. Everyone is different even when we share plenty of common ground.

    With that said…

    People like to bring up "The right to life, liberty and the purse of happiness…"

    The Right to Life – Is it a right to live or a right to exist? For me life means things like health, food, shelter, and other basic human needs are being met. You can exist without some of these things but can you really say you are living. With that in mind I have to ask; shouldn’t healthcare, food and shelter be rights that we are ensured?

    The Right to Liberty – This is pretty simple. This is the right to not be oppressed. That people have a right to be who they are and live their lives without interference from other people; only when a person’s desires negatively affect someone’s wellbeing should their life be interference on. In other words, you have a right to do what you want just don’t be an asshole to someone else.

    The Right to Purse Happiness – This one can be a bit tricky. I mean if you have Liberty than you would be free to purse happiness, right? I don't really agree with that because how can we ensure people have the means to actually purse happiness. Just having the free to do it doesn't meant you are entitled to do so. Which Entitlement and Rights in this context mean the same thing. I think the Right to Purse Happiness can only really be achieved by Equity. This means not just having free education or ensuring all schools have the same things but all schools have an equal quality of teachers, and admin staff. In order for people to really purse happiness children and young adults should have a right to a level playing ground.

    So while not everyone is created equal I do believe it should be our goal to give people the means to be treated equally, and live a free and happy life.

  18. Took me until the end of the vido to realize that in America calling some a socialist is actually an insult. We in Europe simply say "You fucking commie!".But I guess even I got the "It wasn't communism, they were just building it." correction, which isn't untrue. So what do you guys think is classified as "socialism" and what was going on in the USSR?

  19. I think of my self as more of a centrist than a conservative, but I identify with the idea the hierarchy is the natural state. Billionaires are necessary because someone has to be on top, and why shouldn't it be the guy that gave us Amazon? And I do indeed see it as admirable to be a cog in the machine if I am doing my job well.

  20. Johnathan haidt was 100% right. The left doesn't even remotely understand what conservatives actually believe. I've seen a lot of strawman arguments, but this video takes the cake.

  21. What do conservatives believe in?
    Hierarchies and everyone knowing where they belong in that hierarchy.
    There, I think that's simple enough.

  22. Very simple: conservatism says very few people are special, liberalism says everyone is special. Consider the meaning of the word special and ask yourself what seems more in touch with reality?

  23. "Most conservatives are white men and so are most billionaires" therefore they base their lives on political ideas that benefit them? Come on man, I was tracking with you until that– that's really genuinely a dumb argument. Not to be too aggressive, but seriously! Where's the logic in that?
    "If someone isn't a white male then white males don't believe they got there by merit"? An Indian guy runs Google! Conservatives don't think that he faked his way to the top just because he's Indian– whatchu talkin bout bro

  24. The end strikes me as particularly true. No political system is "natural" and it's always the outcome of some choices.
    I've come to think that any likely natural state would be pretty much a constant struggle of one vs another (or among groups at best). This is the standard "Enlightenment" stance and it seems to me still the best to understand any political quandary (from "where does property come from" onwards.)
    But doesn't that open the way for a more viable middle ground?
    Couldn't we agree that for some human problems an egalitarian structure is best (e.g. certainly for the natural need for food and health and shelter) while for others hierarchy is better (e.g. for organizing groups, movements, educational institutes, even businesses)?
    (Implying of course that the regulative role of governments is always factually operative, so any radical libertarian claim is de facto misguided…)
    Mine is a genuine question, without any presupposition beyond the idea that no given system is natural. And that anyone should at least be allowed to live decently, if not a chance at thriving.

  25. There's so much wrong with this, but I'll point out the funniest; you cite the "good" being democracy, and give the example of the Supreme Court overturning the democratic will of the state of California who voted against gay marriage.

    This video is just another example of the left not understanding anyone other than themselves. Jonathan Haidt is correct again.

  26. >Begins by strawmanning and poisoning the well
    >Capitalist democracy
    >anything I don't like is alt-right/fascist
    lol, it's very clear you have no clue what you're talking about. JFC, why does youtube keep recommending this garbage?

  27. Humanity is so fucked. All this information and thoughtful discussion is available in more ways than ever before. You can lead a horse to water, but apparently if the horse is a human he'll just rather die of thirst stubbornly. We're fucked.

  28. If you want to fight fascism move left? Does that mean if you want to fight communism you should move right? What if you want to fight them both? Do you do the hokey pokey and shake it all about?

  29. This is well produced, but still wrong. Sharks aren’t born, they’re made. ‘Equal’ is used here in multiple senses. Conservatives say it means ‘equal before the law’, leftists that it means ‘equal results’. The video also equates power and money, incorrectly. Bernie had no money but he got power, especially the power to persuade and to bully.

  30. My problem with the video is that he doesn't consider that perhaps a heirachical view of the world is in ANY WAY legitimate. If one looks at Plato's republic, he speaks of natural human proficiency, and explains it's natural occurance in society. If everyone is able to engage the field of work that they would like they want to, there will still exist a natural variety of skill. Some table makers will make tables better than other table makers. Some humans are smarter/more able/more efficient than others – and there should be some way of accounting for that. That isn't to say that structural and sociological factors are a major influence to human success because OF COURSE they are. It's just worth considering that perhaps one can believe that human variety in proficiency can exist without somehow, in some convoluted way being endorsing facism. I think the left wing idea that we're all blank slates, and that if only the system was constructed in the perfect way, we could all acheive, is distinctly ILLIBERAL. To some extent liberalism is the belief that people should have the LIBERTY to make their own choices, bad or good, and be FREE to deal with the consequences of their actions/choices as they may. Again, the way the board is set up at the begining of the game is important, but unfortunately, it isnt everything. Furthermore the assertion that any belief in natural biological heirachy is somehow connected to white supremcy is not only absurd, but incredibly reductive.

  31. 39K up-votes + 10k down-votes = 49K up-votes in the algorithm

    Do your worst chuds, your fit is only making this series more popular.

  32. "Democrats think they're going to take money from rich people and spread it around. Give it to a bunch of poor people so they can go to college. And everyone gets a degree and everyone gets a good job…and nobody's a billionaire and nobody's broke."

    My ideal society, ngl

  33. Dude go and watch this I tried to watch this shait of vid you made and you aint get it


    Also Left that denies any other point of view right for existing by calling em a fascist is funny as that what actual fascist did and Was in fact borne from socialism >_> SS ffs means Social solider >_>

    Fascist movements are implicitly utopian because they—like communist and heretical Christian movements—assume that with just the right arrangement of policies, all contradictions can be rectified. This is a political siren song; life can never be made perfect, because man is imperfect. (Goldberg 130)

  34. As a socialist that settles with liberalism for now, I do agree with you saying that liberalism is ineffective, watered-down socialism lol. But I think it's actually not a bad compromise in a country where socialist ideas such as "free" healthcare/education and environmentalism will likely greatly upset the right wing. Liberals tend to dabble in those concepts but not to such an extreme that they won't be considered by centrists and the right-wing. (I may be Canadian but I can say that healthcare isn't that perfect here: we have a huge lack of general practitioners and it's still very hard to get proper care for mental illnesses. And don't get me started on care homes…)

  35. Yeah but like…. how do we start BELIEVING that equality is possible? I’m a leftist myself, and even I can’t help but feel like the hierarchy is natural, and knowing that makes me feel sick.

  36. The thing is, when conserevatives say "power must be earned", what they mean is also a fantasy. Just like the government can be corrupt and false, so can the market since a lot of people will cheat to get to were they want to be (and I'm not just talking about zuckerberg'ing), and cheating to get in a position of economic power, together with abusing your wealth to nullify the competition is exactly how TYRANNY is born. Tyranny shouldn't just be a governamental term, I think it can also be applied to the economy, since those who control the money can control the government as well…

  37. If everyone is educated than education has no value. If everyone has a degree, then the degree has no value. If everyone has a college education, then its just like having a high school education and you'll need more education to try and one-up your peers with college education. This is why higher education was never free, you instantly remove the advantage of being more trained or educated if everyone else has that same training or education.

  38. If somebody robs a bank that isn't my bank, i'm still opposed to robbery.

    Funnily enough, that makes as little sense to me as saying taxation of billionaires is wrong. I'd say a bank-robber earned their share.

  39. So i am at around 7:35ish here, and i think i have to interject to explain some things.

    How does company A get a higher profit then company B? Since they operate with the same customers they have to offer these customers something of higher value then their competitor, either better quality, service or price. Notice that the main difference is the company that best serves the customers interests will win and make more profits. So we end up with profits = what we want. If you get rid of one you get rid of the other. Because they make a profit from offering a better product.

    If we take walmart as an example here, walmart arent shipping the products they sell, around between different stores that they hire another company for. Why, because they can do it cheaper then they themselves can, which means when the product is finally in their stores, it cost less so they can sell it cheaper so they can attract more customers and make a higher profit. Profit is the same thing as cheaper products and better products. To drive this home lets contrast this with internet service, in USA today we have municiapal monopolies on the market for the different providers, one of them is comcast, which offers a pricy product which is pretty much shit compared to free market providers, because they have to compete with one another. If you want to get rid of the profits, you also get rid of the competative market and we end up with a bad product at a higher price.

    As an example to this, i live in Sweden, during the 80s our electricity was provided to us through the state electrical monopoly, what we got was blackout after blackout at a steep price, today in Sweden that is under a free market, no more blackouts and cheaper prices at the same time. Everything improved by getting rid of monopolies and making the providers compete with one another for the customers.

    Furthermore im not a conservative, i am a realist if you had asked me 10 years ago i would had been leaning left and today i am leaning right politically speaking. But today a lot of my values falls more in line with conservative lines, mainly because im older and wiser. I dont like the democratic party in the US today, they are almost all socialists and we know the horrible track record for socialism and i could not live with the shame of having that happen to a great nation, but more then that, i could not live with myself if the good people of USA had to experience socialism themselves. I would love a democratic nominee that could beat trump, i think he has done a lot of bad things but compared to what the democratic side has to offer today he is certainly in every regard a lesser evil.

  40. It is not that "People would end up in the wrong places" it is that unearned resources would have to be stolen from someone else, and usually are neglected and wasted.

  41. Y'know from the title, I thought this was going to be the 'other people have it worse!' arguments

    Found it! I knew Kevin Nogilny had to be a reference! You chose the only one that sounded like a real name, eh?

    6:30 eyo! Is that a "1776" reference?

    Heh, kind of funny I watched this today. Earlier I got into a twitter argument (yes, yes, I know) and got my opponent to agree to "So if a group comes together, appoints members of the group to help them organize their assets, it's perfectly ethical for them to charge a subscription fee for the use of their assets – roads, laws, workers, education, etc. – and anyone who doesn't like it can leave?" but got a non-answer to "So if a group of citizens come together, vote in representatives, it is perfectly ethical for these representatives to levy taxes for the upkeep of public goods and services – roads, laws, workers, education, etc. – and anyone who doesn't like it can leave?"

  42. 0:44 I agree it needs a reform and also that student loans should be LESSENED.

    10:24: if it's more expensive to hire someone then just don't or fire them that's what minimum wage does,also the wealthy are already taxed enough even though they make a lot of money they also pay more in taxes so it evens out in the end the trick is clever accounting

    13:13 you're flipping burgers anyone else can flip burgers if you're asking for $15 for flipping burgers they can fire you and find someone who would do it for less the thing is importance if you're a 16 year old or older flipping burgers your not going to to have the same value as besos you're easily replaced if you're replaced it's not going to cause that much damage

    15:17 just just I can't even I'm out

    16:13 Jeff bezos defenitly got rich he's white you've gone from talking about economics and democracy and how they can ''conflict'' to WHITE MAN.

    17:50 so what you're saying is conservatism is just fasicm but for money but you used the white man argument

  43. I don't know what is meant by "alt-right" . . does it just mean; not an ginormous who thinks socialism actually works? . . I mean on this planet? ; )

  44. I believe in democracy. I just don’t think we should share MY democracy with people who aren’t born in my country, don’t share my culture or speak my language. Why should we give people a say whom aren’t part of my society, and shouldn’t be here at all?

    I don’t know if I’m a capitalist but I’ll support whatever ideology that keeps my people on top of the social hierarchy and keeps people unlike me out of it.

    And liberals bother me because you are supposed to be my people. But your loyalties don’t lie with me but with outsiders. You are betrayers to your country, culture, and people.

  45. Weird how you have no idea how conservatives think, so you argue both sides with your own bias and still lose the argument…

  46. The root problem to me is empowerment through identity. I'm persian, if the president was persian, and most billionaires were persian, I wouldn't give AF. If they were assholes, I'd call them assholes. I wouldn't feel empowered by it cause I don't judge myself by my race and gender. But it seems that (left and right), desire the feeling of power through identity. If most billionaires were women, I bet a lot of conservatives wouldn't like them anymore. I think a lot of this is insecurity and feeling confident through seeing people of their race and gender in power

  47. Do you not even have conservative relatives? This is so off the mark it's sad and clearly shows you're a marxist only able to see things as the people aka government vs capitalism portraying conservatives thinking in capitalistic terms, while in reality conservatives see things as individuals above the government (aka don't tread on me) and this is somehow equivalent to fascism. This was a marxist lecture with the facade of arguing against conservative strawmen. Even your "logical" progression about democracy means equality is wrong, the supreme court 5-4 vote on California's democratic decision to ban gay marriage that you showed goes against this in 2 ways. One that the people voted against equality, and two that a group of 9 over ruled a democratic will of millions in favor of equality because we live in a republic. And democracies aren't equal, it's majority rules the minority suffers while a republic takes effort to balance this out.

    Oh, and if fascism is more in line with conservative thinking and capitalism then please explain why fascism was founded by a socialist Italian that ran a socialist newspaper.

  48. Ok, I've held my tongue at just about every fallacy that's been put forth so far but I couldn't contain my laughter at 15:15! "white men want to believe that billionaires earned their station, and not that their race and gender gave them preferential treatment" and you show Zuckerberg and Gates

    are you REALLY SAYING that people decided to use Facebook or buy a computer because the guy who makes them is white!? hahaha hooooly – these guys are billionaires because their creations changed the entire world as we know it, they have money because you gave it to them because you bought the products they created, not because they are white men omfg

  49. Imagine thinking that when someone is rich it's just cause they got lucky and it's not because they know how to provide goods into society. If you like having amenities, you like rich people sorry its true

  50. This whole series is ridiculous liberals & leftists are mainly entitled dreamers who do bitch until someone hands them what they want for free. Conservatives want limited govt., low taxes & individual liberties like private gun ownership & believe you need to earn your station on life. The biggest problem is that lefties used to be more moderate & focus on 1 or 2 things that they feel really need to be changed, now they want EVERYTHING to change all at once. Free college, minimum wage up at least 2 fold, end fossil fuel consumption, free healthcare, etc. & they are blind & stupid enough to actually believe that the top 1% can fit the whole bill with monumental tax increases while the middle & lower classes don’t get a tax hike. Like I said dreamers & a waste of energy all their pie in the sky proposals like those of Bernie & Warren. Focus, instead on all the good Trump has done & will continue to do in the next 5 years. If you don’t like fossil fuels, campaign for nuclear energy (the most efficient form of energy we have which produces 0 emissions), if you can’t afford to go to college there are grants available for people without a bachelors degree & they are easy to obtain. There are plenty of solutions out there for all these problems which don’t involve running to big daddy govt. & expanding his reach.

  51. The conversation around the 2:00 mark is precisely every conversation ive had with a conservative/libertarian on twitter and facebook. It's incredibly frustrating.

  52. I've watched this video several times. Now it makes so much sense. Here in Chile we're having the greatest protests since Pinochet's dictatorship. We're also having a shit ton of armed repression. And everything the fascists say is that we don't really want to change the system and we just want to take the power. It's not even concealed. They think we're all that way.

  53. This video is such an exquisite example of what a communist brainlet thinks. Love it. In my country, people like you would not last a week.

  54. Honestly choosing your political ideas on the basis of what you hate most is a rather weak argument. The guy that stands 10 feet away from facists and the guy that stands 50 feet away are both no fascists. Your approach seems overly idealistic and narrow-minded.

  55. After watching this all I can think is, "oh my god you think conservatives are monster"
    I don't think liberals are monsters.

  56. This video sucks. Absolute and complete misunderstanding on the Republican point of view. "Republicans want the rich because republicans think we NEED the rich." Absolutely false. Republicans want the rich because they believe ANYONE can be rich given the right work ethic. Pot meet kettle.


    White people are paid third based on ethnic group. This guy is dumb.

  57. Why have debates with conservatives when you can have a debate with yourself to show how right you are and how dumb conservatives are, right ?

  58. Why do U keep calling the right wing "conservative"? This framing plays into the hands of the right wing by saying they're just seeking to preserve the status quo when actually their actions – like overturning abortion and imprisoning migrant children – are radical

  59. This guy goes from "we all have a little bit of liberal and conservative in us, the differences are small" to "conservatives are basically as good as nazis". Oh well. What can you expect from someone who makes his bias pretty clear.

  60. Well most of this sounds like bullshit, indeed bullshit the left tend to incorporate in there argument strategies. However, I'm still glad there are anti-''alt-right'' channels slowly popping up on YouTube to challenge the other side and bring a different opinion.

    This balances things out, and as a centrist this is all we ask for.

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