35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

The Dream of Taimen Fishing. (Hucho Taimen)

The Dream of Taimen Fishing. (Hucho Taimen)

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21 thoughts on “The Dream of Taimen Fishing. (Hucho Taimen)

  1. Huge taimens, exciting and clear waters, beautiful landscape, colours and movie for an incredible trip!
    I did a canoe/trip trip in Hovsgol lake country in 2009 (Mongolia). This river could be in this part of Siberia? Or from the heaven?

  2. Super video, paradni zabery, soundtrack taky citlive vybran. A ryby???!!! Pecka!!! Nejsem zavistivej clovek ale tady se mi zavisti svira zaludek.

    ps: a ja myslel ze Taimeny umi chytat akorat Kuba 😉

  3. Not siberia, it's Mongolia. Сарлагтай байхыг бодвол архангайн чулуут гол юм шиг байна.

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