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The Right Way To Peg A Weight on A Texas Rig | Bass Fishing

The Right Way To Peg A Weight on A Texas Rig | Bass Fishing

Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource.com,
and today I want to talk to you about pegging your bullet sinker to your Texas rig bait.
There’s several ways to do it, and actually there’s two that I use the most. I want to
take you through that in a second. But the first thing I want to tell you is,
don’t use a toothpick. I see a lot of folks do this, and this is really not the way to
do it. They just take a toothpick, stick it up inside the bullet sinker, break it off
and call it good. Not a good idea, and there’s really two reasons why. One, is that can nick or damage the line,
when it pinches up inside the bullet sinker. And of course, that’s going to fail you right
when you need it most, when you’re pulling on a big fish, right, it’s going to break
off. So you don’t want to do that. And the other reason is when you have the
toothpick in there, as it absorbs the water it’s going to expand, which it swells up and
of course, it’s going to do a good job of holding that sinker in place. However, if
you get a nick or your line gets frayed and you want to re-tie, it makes it virtually
impossible to slide that bullet sinker up past all that damaged line and cut it off
and re-tie again. You literally have to take everything all apart and put it all back together
again, and that wastes a lot of time fishing. So let me show you the two ways that I use
to peg my sinkers. One of them, I use a little something here
that’s called a Peg-It. And all that is, if you can see that, it’s just a piece of rubber
that is tapered. And it has a little stopper here on the end, all right. You can buy these at any tackle store, your
local tackle store. I encourage you to buy from your local tackle store before you go
online, simply because those are the guys that support your local lake, and your habitat
and your neighborhood. So go to them first, see if they have this, and it’s called a Peg-It. It’s tapered, which is great because what
you do, you can fit pretty much any hole size for that. You’ve got your line here, and I’ve
got my bullet sinker right on the line. And all you do is just thread it up inside the
sinker, and pull it out the other end, just like so, all right. And just pull it in nice
and snug. Now what you do, just cut off that excess.
All right. And I left a little too much out, and I’ll make that look a little bit nicer.
All right. Now see, you hold it in place. It’s not going to slide on your line. See
that? But the beauty of it is when you need to re-tie,
all you do, wet the line a little bit and you can slide it right up the line, just like
that. And then when you’re done tying, you just slide it right back down. All right.
Cool thing about it too is you put this on after you’ve tied your rig. Now the other method I’m going to show you,
you need to do before you tie your hook on. And this is a what they call bobber stoppers.
Now bobber stoppers are, as the name implies, they’re used by fishermen who use bobbers
to keep the bobber from sliding up and down the line. We can use the same thing for your
weights. And they look just like that, all right. They come in different colors. They
don’t cost very much they’re very inexpensive. But see the little loop there on the top?
That’s where you thread your line. And all you do, thread your line through the hole,
and then grab a hold, just like that, lines through. Now I grab a hold of this little
red deal. And you just slide it onto your line, just like that. And it comes right off.
Now I have that, see that? That’s right on the line. And now you can adjust it, you can slide it
up and down as necessary, same concept. When you’re all rigged up, it looks something like
this. See that? Holds that sinker right in place, but then I can just move it up out
of the way, if I need to re-tie. There’s the sinker, see, now it’s sliding all the way
up to the bobber stopper. I can re-tie the frayed line, move the stopper back in place,
then I’m back in business. Really cool. Cheap, effective, fast ways to
peg your sinker and you won’t have to use a toothpick and damage your line. Hope those
tips help. For more tips and tricks like that, visit BassResource.com.

18 thoughts on “The Right Way To Peg A Weight on A Texas Rig | Bass Fishing

  1. well if you get away without spending money I think thats fine, also here in the north fish dont get so big , one would think toothpick would be fine

  2. The pegs are 13.99 for 100 i bought a couple packs not knowing the price and went to pay….but work very well.

  3. You've inspired me to buy braided line (well, I was going to do that anyway) and get some bobber stoppers (they didn't have the other product).

    They were certainly not expensive, and I am on a very tight fishing budget (I'm married).

    I'm going to try this technique on my first day off, which is in 2 days!

    I'll let you know what happens!

    Roger, The Smiling BassHole

  4. If you fish saltwater and use a leader, using a toothpick is the way to go but if your not using a leader then it could cause problems but usually not.

  5. Thx you so much, new to fishing and I just made up a few baits using the straw to keep weight close to bait. Thx for showing me the correct way.

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