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Three Must Have Setups for Walleye Fishing – Gear Guide

Three Must Have Setups for Walleye Fishing – Gear Guide

– I’m gonna give you a
little bit of a gear rundown on my top three favorite
casting presentations for early season walleye fishing
here in northern Minnesota. I’m gonna start it off with
a live bait rigging setup. Live bait rigging works
awesome early season and throughout the summer. Shiner minnows, leaches,
crawlers usually early in the season like this, when you got water temps below 50 degrees, I’m usually using a minnow. But, either way, Okuma
TCS seven-foot medium rod is a great set up. Has kind of a moderate action
that allows you to, kind of, pull against fish, pull
against bottom compositions, rocks, weeds, things like that, and be able to really tell
whether you have a fish or if it’s just something on the bottom. And, for line, I’m usin’
a six pound Sufix Advance down to the barrel swivel, and then I’m usin’ a six
pound Sufix Fluorocarbon leader material as my actual
leader there down to the hook. And, with that, I’m usin’
Okuma Epixor 30 Reel. And that’s a basic rundown for that live bait rigging presentation. Next up, casting Rippin’ Raps
works awesome all the way across Minnesota, and for that
I really like a seven foot medium Helios rod. 10 pound braid. Eight to 10 pound braid. Down to another eight pound
Fluorcarbon leader knotted in with a Alberto knot there. And last but not least jig and a minnow, jig and a plastic, that
kind of presentation. Really like a 6’8″ medium extra fast. Sometimes Ill use a
seven foot medium-light extra fast action, but either way its a great setup for
casting a jig and a minnow, and Ill bounce back and forth depending on conditions with a eight
pound Sufix Advance line, some monofilament, or I’ll
use a eight pound braid. Both of them have their advantages. Sometime when that bite is really tough, the fish want kind of that
slow fall from the bait that monofilament advance
can really make a difference. But the braid also has
versatility where it’s gonna work in almost all conditions. So with these three basic
setups, you’re pretty much gonna have all your casting
needs covered here for northern Minnesota for fishing Walleyes. – [Narrator] For additional
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