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Tokyo Street Food | TOP 10 at Tsukiji Fish Market

Tokyo Street Food | TOP 10 at Tsukiji Fish Market

100 thoughts on “Tokyo Street Food | TOP 10 at Tsukiji Fish Market

  1. In my search to bring Japanese food and culture to the world, I may have offended some people by including whale in my video. I apologize to those whom I have offended. Out of respect, I will not feature whale in my future videos. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the video.

  2. Hmm, most of those food is actually overrated, couldn’t even eat the whole black bun. Look for some quiet local place for food it’s much much better!

  3. Ok lost me at the whale. Kind of funny how in another video you mentioned horse meat and then were like "not that I'm condoning eating horse" but whale meat is fine? Jesus dude…

  4. Also, re other comments here, it's less about whales being endangered and more about the horrific methods used to kill them imho. There's no such thing as a quick kill.

  5. Hi. I am going to be visiting Tokyo and Tsukiji Market in May. What time do you recommend people get to the market to maximize their time? What time do vendors start selling cooked food and what time do places start closing up?

  6. I love your map drawing. It's very pretty and clear. I really like that way to show us! If there's any chances to visit Tokyo again, I will definitely take your recommendations. It seems real local things!! Haha 😍

  7. Paola,
    We filmed at the fish market this morning and I guess you’ve heard they’ve put up your photo where they sell the sea urchin bun 🙂 And you’re right, it’s absolutely delicious!

  8. I went to the market today and had the sea urchin bun and it was amazing! Plus they have a picture of you on the stall! 😁

  9. There are many good food in Tsukihi market huh😆
    Now the market moves to Toyosu market, but there are not so many restaurants as Tsukiji market used to have huh 😕

  10. I'm going to Japan in October with my mom and dad, and I think this will be one of my itinerary. Thanks for your insights!

  11. Trying to buy street food from Tokyo here and there and end up spending more than Dinner at a Restaurant.
    Something here for 97yen, another for 120yen, another 300yen for a hash brown, 600 yen for a grilled scallop, 1500 yen for a small sashimi bowel etc.
    You end up spending more for the service and the food.
    You don't have to Tip in japan but the tip is sneakily included in the food.
    The only bet is walking into the local supermarket for half price bento and sushi after 7 pm.

  12. Love your videos on Shinjuku. You made our first trip more enjoyable! We found most of your top 10 things to eat, but we really wanted to eat the uni bun and could not find it! Can you give us some direction to find it? Keep on making video’s.

  13. Just wanted to say thanks for this awesome video. Me and my girl enjoyed all of the food you recommended from the whale meat to the uni bun, which is our favorite. They had you’re picture posted right in front of the place lol. Thanks again!

  14. Had a Sea Urchin bun last week, thank you for the video, found it on this trip because of this video, Thanks and cheers

  15. I tried the menchi katsu. The same lady was kind of rude to me or tried to ignore me when I wanted to order the menchi katsu. She was too busy serving the other customers the more expensive items and the curry beef or pork. Finally one young chap attended to us. The menchi katsu was super oily and tasted more like pork. I wished I took better note of where the sea urchin bun stall was. We went on a Saturday morning and it was crowded af with tourists so we left

  16. Paolo, we will be visiting in May 2020, what is: 1) the best day of the week, and 2) best time of-the-day to visit the Tsukiji Market and be able to try the top 10 shops on your video? Love your videos, thanks !

  17. Thank you Paolo. Awesome content as my wife and I planning to visit Japan next year, your videos will definitely make a great help to us!

  18. What I like the most in your videos is your joyness doing that, this is so contagious that I normaly hit the like button before the first minute 🙂
    Also you always bring quite interesting spots, foods and activities to share with us, thank you for that!

  19. Had the uni bun today and it was delicious! They also have your picture on the steam box http://imgur.com/gallery/s5VKyjc

  20. All your videos are full of energy… We'll be visiting tokyo osaka kyoto last week of June.. and im so excited for tsukiji food stalls. Are they open on a Sunday?

  21. I like how all these food vlogs pretend to like everything. Mmmmm… Mmmmmm. #fake. Yet when you try it urself it's pretty much bland. Zzzzzz!

  22. Your videos actually changed my itinerary… Thanks for all the effort put into making this video!

  23. LOVE YOUR VLOGS!! Going to Tokyo this August. I actually made an excel file for all your recos =p thanks for all the helpful information!!!!

  24. Hey Paolo. No Toritoh restaurant? Everytime I'm in Tokyo I just have to go there at least once to eat Oyako Don. They also have store at Toyosu Market. Maybe you wanna do Toyosu Market report soon.

  25. Japanese must stop supplying "Fukushima radiation poisoned foods" to tourists in Japan! . . . Stop this exporting of radioactive foods to other countries! . . This is crazy!

  26. Gonna stay 8 nights right next to fish market in Tsukiji, so thanks for this… Thumbs down cuz the whale eating though!

  27. I love this video! May I find out approximate how much did your day cost eating everything you at at Tsukiji Market?

  28. Your channel is sooooo underrated, should be well over 1m by now 😢 I have no doubt it will take off sooner rather than later 👍🤞

  29. Dude, don't eat whale, or dolphin, that's almost as bad as cannibalism. No to shark fin as well. If you want to reach a global market you need to be sensitive to other cultural concerns. And as far as the the rest of the planet goes – excepting Japan, Norway, and Iceland – everyone is very firmly against those things. Think globally, act locally.

  30. I took all ur recommendations when i was there my wife loved the uni pan lol by the way the uni pan had a photo of u there 🤦‍♂️ lol

  31. Planning to spend 50-100USD per person there if you a seafood lover. High priced items are giant prawn, abalone, lobster, king crab, fatty Toro, sea urchin and lastly is the wagyu skewer.

  32. Thanks for this video. We only had a couple hours a couple weeks ago because of Typhoon Hagibis so didn't get to try everything. I thought the Uni bun was ok, but I'm not a huge Uni fan to begin with. My favorite didn't make your list, but the Wagyu beef was really good. A little pricey, but it just melts in your mouth.

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