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Top 10 BEST LMG’s in Cod History

Top 10 BEST LMG’s in Cod History

100 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST LMG’s in Cod History

  1. They need to bring the dingo to call of duty Black ops 4 and make it a permanent stay in the series like they did that M8A7 burst gun

  2. The best LMG in cod history is the M27 from ghosts and a close second is the Ameli from AW (very good in ghosts aswell)

  3. Titan isn't really that good. People just love to complain about it, do to how people 90% off the time are camping with it. It's attributes are perfect for that. Honestly I would say the Brm from bo3 is the best in cod. I believe it has a hundred round clip with extended 3 shot no matter what. A absolute laser and good at all ranges.

  4. Good job on your videos i lpve them you are one of my favorite youtubers love your videos no need for ps4 i already have my own ps4 pro but thanks anyway love your videos keep up the good work jimmy or chaos

  5. What about the bo3 Gorgon i think I spell it right 2 shot lmg on op gun sure it was awesome nothing like staying and one spot and be like Rambo and I would love to win ps4 for my brother Twitter is @ArnoldRosas11

  6. People who use the thermal titan and sit in a corner absolutely disgust me, theres always that one person in a lobby who does it on every map as well

  7. KBAR of Duty: NV4 Warfare
    RPD of Duty 4: M16 Warfare
    ACR of Duty: MP7 Warfare 3
    Brecci of Duty: XMC ops 3
    BAL of Duty: ASM1 Warfare
    Call of Duty: Assault Rifle Ops
    Titan of Duty: ICR Ops 4
    PPSH of Duty: MP40 at War
    PPSH of Duty: STG-44 War 2

  8. DUDE WHAT ???? THE RPD FROM MW2 IS THE BEST LMG IN COD HISTORY. Bruh. So much better then the COD4 rpd. Wake up chaos, have you even played MW2 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. I called the top 2, titan and Lewis 😂 also honorable mention, m60 extended mag from bo1 with hardened pro and flak jacket and marathon, best combo for demolition or sabotage game modes

  10. Sorry I know it’s your personal choice but I think it would be best if we focused on the gun itself without attachments or operator mods on them. Great video keep it up ✅

  11. All my niggas that played infinite warfare should know that the auger and R.A.W should be on this👌🏾👌🏾

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