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Triggerfish, Porgy, and Tuna out at the Ledge

Triggerfish, Porgy, and Tuna out at the Ledge

Today we get to go offshore and rather than trolling for wahoo, we get to troll more specifically for dolphin Most of my dolphin experience has been fishing out of the Florida Keys. But today we’re fishing out of Northeast, Florida Which ironically is where we usually fish just not for dolphin. We started trolling ballyhoo in some lures Well, actually we started eating breakfast which is fried chicken and I don’t know if you know this but fried chicken is really good out on the boat Actually, it’s really good anywhere, right? You want a piece of chicken Mike? So we started trolling our ballyhoo and lures it’s kind of tough because the Sargassum weed is really scattered Now what would be nice is if you had a really solid line that you can troll on either side of it But today it’s just broken up. So we’re constantly getting Sargassum weed in our lures No… we just ran through some grass careful on the patches Yeah, I mean you can troll down on the side. Just try not to get through it. I don’t have an easy fix for that You just gotta watch your lures and as they get tangled untangle them and send them back out It’s work, but that’s what you got to do. But we’re in a good area Couple hundred feet of water and that’s when we get our first strike On our way back tuna lure. Now we get a fish on which is pretty exciting But surprisingly that wasn’t the most exciting thing going on at the moment You see this bird, I don’t know where the bird came from But it came up to our boat and then I guess I guess it needed to break it was a little bird I don’t know how it got way out there, you know but it came and it started like chilling out on a boat and it would even like land on my dad’s hand and stuff it was like just real friendly. It’s kind of funny fish on and they’re distracted by a bird Look at that. That is too cool What’s up? That bird landed on his hand Yeah I think so. Okay, you ready? Yeah. Anyways back to the fish. We clear all the other lines that might get in the way. I got this one. Thanks Pop that out of the clip and that will be okay because his was way back so it’s not gonna really getting in the other ones Now my tuna line is way back. I mean like literally half the spool of a 30 wide back Keep it going away from them. Okay So Keith is fighting the fish, lead it up, comes close to the boat. We see it’s a nice blackfin tuna. Yeah either way Yeah, I’ll watch you the first time Well, you gaffed your hat pretty good. You gaffed your hat pretty good. It took me 3 tries though. Yeah, I got color Keep em coming uhhhh a little more That’s a nice one. That’s a pretty tuna you guys. If it makes you feel better Mike it took me 3 times too. That’s a big fish It didn’t seem like he was pulling that hard but that’s a good size tuna I think it seemed like it to him. Oh yeah. You got 9 miles of lines. My hand started cramping up You got him just by the skin too Jeremy. Yeah Thank you, you know one time I gaffed a kingfish And I got it literally the fork of the tail was in between here It wasn’t gaffed at all, it’s just the the hook got in like that It was on a lure that I decided to use the night before I thought about doing like a cedar plug Or maybe a small ballyhoo But I was like I’ll give this lure a try. Turns out, it did its job caught us a good fish So that was really cool. Got a fish on it’s also cool because that bird was still hanging around got that bird on him I’m like a pirate. Oh, yeah. Yeah I didn’t even see him You get a picture of him? Anyways back to fishing. We trolled for a while went deeper water came back Unfortunately, we just weren’t finding the school of dolphin like we hoped. So with it being kind of slow we decided Hey, let’s drop down on the bottom and see what we get We were trolling over the ledge because I want to find some good bottom structure To try to drop down on. I wasn’t really seeing anything that looked real good but finally as we’re going I see like a little bit on the bottom and There’s also a school of some sort of fish up top wasn’t really much to go on but You know, we were wanting to drop down and everyone have their bottom rigs ready So it’s like, you know, let’s just see what it is We dropped down, each of the guys pull up 2 nice triggerfish So apparently that school was actually the trigger fish hanging out because it didn’t even make it to the bottom You have 1 or 2? 1? big fatty though, check out that size Trigger Yeah No, I got me a porgy. Yeah that lures right under the boat So we started fishing that here yeah, it was kind of funny I mean the bottom that I’m marking it wasn’t like real pronounced You know, there wasn’t a lot of deep red structure I mean, I couldn’t really see the ledges or anything that came up off the bottom real high It was kind of like plain, I mean I normally probably wouldn’t you know just fish on something like that. But it’s a good thing that we started to because we start catching fish. We were catching nice for porgy as well as triggerfish And we’d just drift fish it we would come up to this area They drop down and we typically pull up nice fish. There you go Triggerfish, yeah Pretty good fish, oh, double! Double fat boys Yeah Porgy It looks like you guys catch all the pinks on that side Guess you know goes to show you you don’t always need Huge stuff for there to be fish holding on it and because it’s deeper than we’re usually fishing That bottom may be more pronounced than I realized. But you know just at scale Looking at my depth recorder, it doesn’t seem like as much as Doesn’t look real good. Our setups were pretty simple. We were using a double hook rigs Kind of a heavier weight 12 to even 16 ounce bank sinkers #4 all owners circle hooks and then just squid or other cut bait to catch these fish If you guys will put squid on there Overall hope you guys enjoyed the video. Hope you all learned some stuff. You got any questions just comment below Subscribe for weekly updates and find us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter. So see you guys next time

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  1. Some of my better fishing days have come from bottom like that. You don't always have to be showing lots of bottom to catch fish. How deep was that spot? Nice job.

  2. hey man great video. Im going to post a video how to make a chicken rig without those 3 way swivels. I used to do that and it took so much time. now i figured out a way to do it with just the line and it works great!

  3. What is the length of your Contender? It must move right along with 600 h p on the stern.Nice rig,I enjoy your videos.

  4. Just before you finished talking about structure at about 8:42 what was chasing up the porgies you'll see the big white shadow.

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