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Trolling for Basin Walleyes with Minn Kota Backtrack

Trolling for Basin Walleyes with Minn Kota Backtrack

Hey, I’m John Thelen, host of Lindy’s
Fish Head television you know one of my favorite ways to fish is troll
crankbaits and and he you know a lot of times fish will be on break lines when
we’re trolling crankbaits and then there’s other times we’re just out in
the middle of a basin and when you’re out in the middle of a basin and you
don’t necessarily have contour lines on your LakeMaster map that are gonna show
you everything and it’s because there’s nothing there there was nothing when it
was mapped there’s no change so there’s no contour line there and that’s why
every now and then you look at your map and you it just looks kind of
featureless well that’s because the bottom is actually featureless I mean these maps
in these in these Humminbird units the LakeMaster system now is so precise
that if you don’t see a contour line there is no depth change I’ll tell you
right now flat out that’s just a featureless
bottom but there are times of the year that fish get over those featureless
bottoms I you know whether you’re pulling spinners crank baits whatever it
may be there is a time of the year especially late in the year where you
need to just fish those areas and you can’t rely as much on something like
Follow the Contour and they’ll follow the contour to me is one of the greatest
tools I’ve got when those fish are on a contour line but when they’re not what
do we do at that point you know how do I go through an area catch a bunch fish
and then turn it on and go back and catch them again well number one let me
explain to you how I pull crank baits a lot of the time a lot of the time I’ve
got my electric trolling motor down in the front my Minn Kota Ulterra is in the
water probably as much as this big motor is I mean I rely on that thing every
single day to help me catch fish but I’ve also got my kicker down and what
I’m doing there is I’m using the kicker motor for propulsion that’s what’s
moving me forward when I’m trolling cranks sometimes even spinners depending
on the weather okay but in the bow I’m using that Ulterra
and I’m steering with this, that’s how I go about doing this so I’m picking my
areas I’m driving along and I’m doing my steering with the bow because it’s
easier to move the bow than it is to push the bow with the kicker so I just
used that for the propulsion and my steering happens up there but let’s say
that I’m cruising along I’m in-between contour lines and I come on a bunch of
fish and I want to go back and I want to run that exact same
path again well it’s featureless out there I can’t use my Follow the Contour (feature)
and I could sit there and try to paint that same line because I’ve got the
track on my Humminbird unit right now and an overlaid on my LakeMaster map
but there’s an easier way to do it that I want to explain you
it’s called BackTrack, all I’ve got to do is tell my Minn Kota through the
Humminbird with the LakeMaster map in it that I just want to follow that track
I was just done I want a BackTrack on it it will do it for me automatically now I
can turn the boat around I can actually just let the propulsion continue with my
kicker and that electric motor in the front is gonna follow that track that I
just did so I can now go back and forth on that same track all day long if I
like catch fish all day long on areas in basins that look featureless but I know
I can be as precise as I need to be when that school is sitting in a certain area
because the BackTrack function just allows me to go back and forth on it
I’ll tell you what it’s just another one of those unbelievable things that’s been
built in to these Minn Kota trolling motors when they’re able to talk to your
Hummingbird electronics with their LakeMaster mapping I’ll tell you what it’s
just phenomenal stuff and it’s made me a better fisherman every single day I
guarantee if you use these functions that are built-in in these units you
will catch more fish there is no doubt in my mind because I rely on it that
much every single time I’m on the water

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  1. This guy is absolutely ridiculous. Any real fisherman knows this guy is full of carp bait. Worst guy ever to do this video

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