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TROLLING PIKE IN AUTUMN – Learn How To (Q&A) | Team Galant

TROLLING PIKE IN AUTUMN – Learn How To (Q&A) | Team Galant

It’s Autumn and with it come trees with brown leaves and pike trolling. Fish! Hooked up with a nice pike. Insane. Lovely fat pelagic pike. I usually end sessions with a meter fish, now I start the session with one. Hello fishermen! During the Summer we performed some trolling for pike … however we got so excited to try it again, so Niclas purchased new trolling equipment. Today we’ll be trolling for pike during Autumn. Are you excited Niclas? Of course, we had a blast last time. We caught some nice ones actually. It was. When checking the sonar out we can spot a lot of bait fish. This like is similar to the previous lake we pursued trolling at, sik and nors. The presence of bait fish here is insane. If you watched the previous trolling episode you might remember this lure. G-Bump in blue-white. Great bait, caught all my fish on this, so this is what I’ll start out with for today. I’ll also be using this bait for deeper parts. Optimal for 5 meters. I want to cover the deeper areas. I will start out with the Shark Shad on one rod, and a Fatnose on the second rod. I like to use different types of bait and colors. The Shark Shad is a bit more colorful compared to the Fatnose. This has a big paddle which sends out a lot of movement, meanwhile this has a more suddle movement. So that’s my go-to for this start. You know what Niclas?
– Tell me. I’m super excited.
– Me as well. Let’s get going.
– Sounds like a good idea. I’m hooked up! Nice Niclas, the G-Bump I assume?
– Correct. Sick, great color. I can’t feel it.
– Lost it? Let’s mark this spot. Untouched, he barely scratched it. Contact after a few minutes, it’s very promising. Activity this early is well appreciated. During Autumn I prefer a low speed due to the cold temperature in the water … so I do 1.5-1.8 knots. We’ve never fished at this lake before and what’s great with this Raymarine unit … is that you can download free sea maps. And so I did but we’ll also log this lake. This lake is not super big, so perhaps at the end of the day we’ll have a great view of the lake. I’ll teach you how to use it. Press this button, go into the three wheels, scroll to the right, at depth … then turn on sonar logging and sonar chart live. Not that hard. Now we’ll just keep drifting. Had one contact at the start but nothing has happened for a while until now. First fish, does not feel big. Barely moves. How small. What is this fellow doing out here. Well well, a strike is appreciated after all. Not the target size though. There we go. Let’s release it quickly. Let’s proceed fishing! Lovely. I think you got one.
– Yes! I’m hooked up with a nice pike. Niclas grab this. I’ll slow down. The moment of truth. Nice one?
– Yes, but they can be deceiving which we saw from the previous episode. I’ll therefore remain silent. Where’s the net?
– It’s very big. I can net it. Nice one, 7 kg. That’s a nice one!
– Meter fish! We put down the camera since it was a big fish, so he helped me to net it. Quite hard netting while recording … but we’ll get it up and examine it. Lovely fish. Good start, three strikes during these two hours. We weighed it quickly, 7.57 kg 106 cm long. Quite big.
– Lovely fish. Great start, meter fish for you.
– Big difference from the previous episode … I wrapped up the session with a similar fish, now I get to start out with one. Let’s release it. Could be a striking period. Lovely seeing them returning to their home. Don’t swim into the boat. Bump! What a fish. Look at the sonar! Good start.
– Let’s keep going. Could be some time between each bite when trolling so therefor we’ll do a Q&A. I got these questions from Instagram so make sure to follow us in order to be a part of these. So make sure to follow us! ludvig_spanbergs asks about whether the fishing is better in Norrland or Småland for size. Since Småland is a lot smaller compared to Norrland I’d say it’s way better fishing in Norrland. barj.nilss asks how much line there is behind the paravans. It depends on the lake, but usually between 60-90 foot. Sometimes the pike attack the paravans so … it could be effective to place the lure just 1 meter behind. oliverssals asks what our main search is for when trolling and what depths. The pike stands near deeper edges, when checking the sonar out these are the spots we catch them at. Quite deep around the shallow part. They usually hang out close to that shallow part. Spotfiskebutik asks how we can purchase our baits such as Shark Shad and Fatnose for our shops. The answer is, send a mail to [email protected] for further details. I don’t believe there’s a major difference between 1.8 and 1.6 knots.
– This speed is great. Fish on! What’s happening?
– We’ve been fishing for a long time, no big fish caught. Finally a good bite. Raining as well.
– Yes, we’re soaked. I wonder how heavy it is. Smaller than your’s. Decent.
– With some luck, a meter pike. 90 cm at least.
– Fat. Nice pelagic pike. Nice one. Hooked perfectly. Nice one. Fat pelagic pike. How fun. Both of us have caught a nice one this session. 98 cm and very fat, a little pig. Let’s release it. Bye! Fun! Good size – strong fish! I got hooked up while eating. Won’t say it’s big, not going to jinx it. Bigger than 1 kg. They feel bigger than what they actually are when you are trolling. Quite soft rods as well. The moment of truth, should not be too big. Nice one.
Looks quite long.
– Could be a meter fish. Not netting it. I got it, let’s examine it. Check the pattern out, yellow. 97 cm long – great average size. Check the belly out – what a good looking pike.
Back you go! How fun.
– Great sizes. We’re done for today. We caught one really nice one. Our top fish are: 106 cm, 98 cm and 97 cm. 8 fish in total, I caught the top fish but just two out of 8 fish. As usual. I caught the most but you got the big ones. Tomorrow is a new day, will be fun.
– Come with us! Good morning everyone. We’ve just woke up and we’ll be aiming to head out just before the sunrise. We had best fishing during the morning. After lunch time we barely had any bites at all. Good weather today – super excited.
– Barely any wind, no rain. Let’s get going. Total darkness, but we’re done with the setup. Totally silent, you can hear the bait fish jumping in the surface. Feels hot. Let’s start out.
– That we do, let’s get the stuff out. Interesting how the sessions can differ, yesterday we had a great session with big fish and plenty of them … but today, despite waking up early, we have not received one bit whatsoever during 4 hours. Same baits but they refuse to bite. We’ll just keep hammering and hope for some bites. Totally different fishing compared to yesterday. Something’s wrong. Fish! We’ve had no contact whatsoever today. One bite but we lost it. Finally we’re hooked up. Feels decent. Hopefully they become more active. Fun with fish at least. Expected it to be bigger. I almost fell asleep when I heard Tobbe yelling. Finally some action. My top fish are 106 and 97 cm, you’ve caught like 6 fish but all smaller. Weird how you always catch the bigger ones.
– It’s quite fun. I don’t know why it’s like that.
– We’ll keep going. toggan25 wonders what type of bait you should use. There are no “super” baits, just baits that work better in different situations … but we’ll show you our favourite baits. G-Bump in blue-white has worked out best for me and a bit more screamy color. The Gamera as well. During Autumn I rig these with 30 gram jig skulls, so they fish between 3-5 meters … depending on the paravans, but I use 100 foot as standard distance. Some other good baits are the Shark Shad. Some people don’t use jigs when trolling … but for me and Niclas they’ve been working great. Especially this one with it’s great and aggressive movement. Another good bait is this wobbler from Strike Pro. This has a big spoon and fishes quite deep … meanwhile the Gunki Gamera fishes a bit more shallow. It’s important to cover all depths. melvin_ericsson05 and thorsen_fishing_ asks how the paravans work. I’ll show you. You attach the bait, then let out the preferred distance, normally 60-80 foot. You then attach the paravan in order for the bait to cover more water so you can have plenty rods out. You attach it to the line with the bait lock and this clip. It will glide towards the sides and when you get a strike the line detaches from the clip … and the paravan will be loose. This makes it easy to fight the fish. Not difficult at all. These costs like 30 bucks each, good to use when you have plenty of rods. Now!
– What’s happening? Hooked up. All fish has been caught on the outer rod. This one is not too big. One of the smaller ones. Just detaching the paravan. Double strike! Take this one! This one is bigger. Big fish! Of course it is, you’re the man behind the rod. Should we stop the engine?
– Yes. Unhook that small one. Here’s Tobbe’s fish. Good head shakes. Meter pig.
Release that small one. Turn the boat around. Multitasking, recording, steering and netting. It’s close. Steer it right into the net. There we go. Good job. We’ll wrap the gear up quickly. How long is it do you think?
– 105-107 cm. Tell me a precise length.
– 106 cm. Hold this. Not the optimal measuring but whatever. 102 cm. Quite fat. This is what they should look like. Pelagic pike. We’ll allow it to recover meanwhile we’ll get some pictures. 102 cm and 7.72 kg. Let’s release it. Could be a striking period. Should be ready to go, Autumn pikes are usually quite tanky. The Summer pikes are much slower. They don’t like warm temperatures. Back you go. How lovely. Let’s keep going. We’re done for today Niclas. Great fishing yesterday. Today was much slower but we caught a nice top fish. I’m happy.
– Me as well. Good average size. Smash the like button for more videos and make sure to leave a comment stating your opinion. Subscribe and follow us at Instagram, links are in the description. Take care! Bye!

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  1. Varför slänger han i gädda så? Man ska väll släpa tillbaka hon försiktigt o hålla i stjärten pån i vattnet o låta hon piggna till lite?

  2. Det e detta som jag inte klarar av, 4 timmar utan hugg. Helt otroligt…..dærfør åker jag till Norge. Mer fisk, mer action, mer tid till annat æn bara vænta på fisk.

  3. Fiska i Ekenässjön till våren! Du kan få upp mot 30 abborrar! Och tio kilos gädda är inte häller omöjligt.

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