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Trout Fishing in Current River (Jason) (watch with subtitles on)

Trout Fishing in Current River (Jason) (watch with subtitles on)

in this episode of blue collar anglers
I’m going to be fishing in Montauk State Park in current River in Missouri NOT Tennessee and
I’m going to be fishing for rainbow trout most of the time I used salmon
eggs and part of the time I used a small white jig both worked fairly well I
tried some other baits and stuff but they didn’t work at all
the trout would look at them and then go away this here is the biggest trout that
I caught throughout the trip I caught two about the same size but this was a
slightly bigger one it was probably close to 22 inches or so I actually ended up catching some
bluegill as well in a still part of the river where they had it dammed off a
little farther downstream I caught them on salmon eggs I use six pound test line that I bought
in the local store for trout fishing right here I was trying to put the lid
back on the salmon eggs container because I still have it in my hand open
and I didn’t want it them all to get dumped out and that’s why that one took
me so long to get in it breaks our strong eye Tommi any of us got a real somebody
riding to the real my smile look in your eyes and act like
they got your best interest I’m just trying to stay up better straight up
like the same thing that you said to me and you don’t switch it up with you in
front of your piece ha man bleh all I did was show you

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  1. Hey y'all, sorry I miss informed you guys. I was in Missouri not Tennessee. Idk what's wrong with me.

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