35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

Trout Stocking

Trout Stocking

[Music] Today we stocked 3,400 pounds of rainbow trout
into Silver Lake. This is part of the Illinois
Department of Natural Resources trout program. This lake… Silver Lake is
stocked each spring by the Illinois DNR
Forest Preserve District. There’s two other lakes: Grove
Lake and Deep Quarry Lake. The fish are brought
in by hatchery. The fish average about
13 to 14 inches in size; average poundage is
about a pound and a half, a pound and three quarters. As you see, these fish
are doing quite well, they will scatter in
the next few days and the season opens
up on April 4, so they’ve got about two weeks
in the lake to acclimate, get spread out, maybe do
a little bit of feeding and then they’ll be ready
for the fishermen.

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