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Tutorial pesca de Barbo – Tutorial fishing for Barbel with lures

Tutorial pesca de Barbo – Tutorial fishing for Barbel with lures

welcome to another fishing video Today I will talk about fishing Barbel with lures in big rivers You have seen me fishing Barbel in small streams some people think that the streams is easier but no, it’s far more complicated I am going fishing before the fruit season to prove that the attack from Barbel to a lure is the attack of a predator and not a reaction attack I will use quick lures I will use my killer, Savage Gear Nails this is a magnet for Barbel the rod is a Black Savage 5-20 grams and is spectacular the rod is very beautiful It has a quick action and is very comfortable to fish with it and it is very hard to lose a fish with it due to its action my reel is Okuma RTX 25 I do not need very large reels for this type of fishing, on the contrary if is tuned it is more than enough you do not need to throw very far because most of the time we will be launching near the bank so the word is precision you need to be very accurate, this is true both for those fishing on kayak or shore the goal is not to throw the middle of the river but near the shore if the lure touch the herbs is even better make your launch let sink a little to the bottom depth must not exceed 50 cm and all you do is little touches to work the lure and retrieving the line at the same time you will not be pulling the lure but recover the extra line It is a matter of working wrist and you can do it perfectly beautiful

30 thoughts on “Tutorial pesca de Barbo – Tutorial fishing for Barbel with lures

  1. Muito bom! O jeito já toda a gente te conhece, mas os vídeos assim com explicação sobem para outro patamar!

    Da próxima não te esqueças da âncora, o gajo estava com vontade de te levar o kayak!

  2. 5 estrelas João Pinto! estes vídeos são um dos maiores incentivos que tenho tido para começar a pescar e sobretudo a libertar 🙂

  3. Hey man great video, keep up the great work and nice editing ! Earned yourself a sub! A subscribe back would be much appriciated, but you don't have to ! Keep up the great work!

  4. Muito bom! Cada vez aprecio mais o teu trabalho. Já reparei que essa colher é mágica, sabes me dizer se com medalhas conseguimos tirar alguns barbos ou achigãs ? Abraço e bom verão! 🙂

  5. Did not know there was a type of carp that would take lures.
    Always fished for carp in Texas with dough balls. Subbed to you.

  6. Mr. Pinto, that was an very educational very for me. I had no idea you could actively fish for barbels using lures! That's a method I've never seen used, especially around my area. Usually we use a static presentation like hair rigs or boilers under a float. I also enjoyed watching how well you take care of the fish after the catch! Great video!

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