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Tying with Monster Dubbing – Beginner Predators Fly – Bucktail Streamer

Tying with Monster Dubbing – Beginner Predators Fly – Bucktail Streamer

hey guys today we tie an absolute
beginners fly so we do it really simple we only use kind of three materials
which is a thread bucktail and Monster Dub. Yea 4 a Hook of course and we tie
this one here on a partridge 2/0 Universal Predator X take a little bit of
superglue on the hook shank then we take the first clumbs of bucktail. Hollow not as
hollow only a bit hollow. So the se will rise this one here will rise less than
the ones in the bottom then for the tail we tie with the bucktail fibers from the
top bit of bucktail just get them around two three loose turns just flare it a bit and you just pull it just tie it down. Nothi ng more to it
Now you take some bucktail off the middle piece Now I have a Nanosilk which is way
stronger than the usual threats you can put way more pressure on it so if you
are a beginner it’s quite nice tie with it
this here I think is a 50 denier thread I would recommend 100 denier
because if you pulle too hard with this one now
you will cut through the bucktail tail so we have to be a little bit careful with
that so we leave it like that cut off the buts and then we have to reverse the material
I’ll just take a reverse tool just fold it back make sure it’s equally around the
the hook shank then we just pull the thread out straight and just tie in
front of it and now there would be a little bit thicker thread a little bit
easier to handle and that’s why I would also recommend a 100 denier thread but I
just didn’t had one here right now so it works as well make sure you keep the
bobbin in a straight line to your hook shank so you make even turns and
building an even cone again if you want to secure the cone with
a little bit of superglue so the thread wraps are not
falling down the cone like that we have a nice position. we moove the thread a
little bit up front we take a little bit more bucktail from the
middle just small amounts you don’t need much just move it around the hook shank pull it
tight now we leave the tips in see a little
bit more density in the head section And just the same procedure just forming
cone in front of it. We have the last section and now we take the bucktail from the bottom which is a little bit more hollow and
rises more therefore we can get a little bit of more volume in the head section
and we leave the tips pointing out quite a bit so I want them to raise
quite a bit Ah the butts sorry moove them around so now we get a
really bulky head As you see it here just wiggle the thread the little bit around
it And then you can see the double layer here the cone which gives you quite a
bit of volume and we just build a cone in front of it again. And we have a lot of volume. Now
we take the Monster Dub. Here hope you can see that. First collor is
baitfish belly this is a little bit white yellow brownish color which I
really like for baitfish bellies that’s why named it like that and just
gives the fly a nice look can also put some lava orange in between here so you get some
red gills if you want to don’t take too much
just small clumps and then we take some baitfish grey
dirty baitfish grey for the top bit could also use only red for a redhead I
like just these two combos And its only to keep it as simple as possible
if I would tie this fly in normal way I would put in some more tail material
some nayat, squimpish hair or whatever put some feathers on the side so this is
just to show you how simple you can tie the pike fly with only two materials
bucktail and Monster Dub, And it really brings you fish and it’s really ea sy tying
so if you want to start with Pike-flies to tie Pike-flies this might be a good solution to
start with we need to brush out the head now, really easy just brush it out. You
can form a really nice head like that and your fly is kind of finished you only
need some eyes well that’s all you need for catching
fish. I don’t think you can tie a fly much easier but if you want to get into fly
tying and you want to just experience how it works this is the fly I really would
recommend just put in some E6000 here on the eyes just move it with the needle
of the new tubes into the material and we take some fluoro eyes. Just really
simple. I think 9 mm and you just press them tight and you have really nice fly you can fish for
any predator fish which is tied really really simple so an absolute beginners fly
and the next steps I ll show you where to put the feathers in and how to
increase your your body with other materials like fibers or nayat and we
always keep on tying the same fly but in different shapes the main materials will
always be buckail and Monster Dub so that’s the finished fly thanks for
watching I’ll just make it wet for you quickly so I made the fly wet what happens then
it gets this nice fishy form and this will definitely bring you some
nice fish and smaller versions good for perch and zander and in bigger versions you
can use it really good for pike thanks for watching

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