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What Fishings Hooks to Use and WHEN: J hooks, Circle Hooks, Treble Hooks

What Fishings Hooks to Use and WHEN: J hooks, Circle Hooks, Treble Hooks

What’s going on guys There are just so many different kinds of hooks out there And when I was a beginner and just starting to fish This was very confusing to me what hooks to use and when to use them? Today I’m gonna be explaining to you guys What wasn’t explained to me and I had to figure out on my own So stay tuned and learn about all the different hooks you can use So the first hook I want to talk to you guys about is called a circle hook You see these? let’s take a look at them. What what makes a circle hook a circle hook? Okay, you see the point right here? Look at the tips. Look at the points of the hooks This is a circle hook it curves inwards like a circle. Whereas this straight hook goes straight up They’re different, a circle hook you do not set the hook setting the hook being actually pulling the rod like this to set the hook a circle hook is set by simply just reeling in Just reeling in your line The way that this is angled when a fish takes it into its mouth and starts swimming away with it It’ll automatically hook itself So if you try and set the hook on it it’ll actually lessen your chances of landing it and Actually some states require you to use a circle hook so you don’t gut hook a fish That’s another really big reason why I choose to use circle hooks Most of the time a circle hook will hook a fish right in the side of the mouth Usually I will target fish that are aggressive that will run away with your hook some fish like to just peck peck peck peck Circle hooks don’t work very well for that. That’s circle hooks, okay Now this is a long shank Strait hook and it’s also offset Take a look at how long the shaft is right here You see that compared to thi–ow. Poked myself… The hook is about the same size The actual bend right here but this one is much longer, why is that why do you guys think that this is so long? Comment below what is your guess? some of you may already know This is really good for fishing for Toothy predators such as bluefish anything with teeth that might bite your line off This shaft right here is long so that when a bluefish bites it It’ll bite metal instead of biting your line with this shaft You won’t really need a steel leader on here because this is the steel leader Okay long shaft and this is offset, offset meaning look at it to the side It’s kind of the hook is actually tilted to the side So when you set the hook, it’s more likely to set it in its mouth Now we’ve got our standard hook without the long shaft. I want you guys to take a look at the eyes. This is called the eye of the hook right here So depending on what kind of eye that your hook has that’s what kind of knot you should tie This is called a straight eye right here. And this one is turned up Do you see how it’s curved, the eye? so for this one, I would tie something like an improved clinch up here Whereas this one would be for maybe like a high-low rig where you kind of loop it through and pull So that it’ll sit perfectly on here. I’ve talked about the regular hook the circle hook and the long shaft hook. Let’s talk about this What do you guys– what are your opinions on the treble hook? Tell me what you think about the treble hook Because I have my opinion on a treble hook. I hate it I really hate using this and I try to avoid I try to avoid using this as much as possible Because this is very deadly for fish Three hooks is kind of OD, overdone. I really don’t need three hooks. So For lures like this. They’ve got treble hooks all over them, right? Now these treble hooks really will mess up the fish’s mouth I would stay away from these because these really hurt the fish that you’re going after Instead of using treble hooks I choose to use Inline hooks. Look at the eye. It’s way different than the other ones. Look at this one Right, it’s on its side a little bit and this is so that it can it can be replaced It can be used to replace a treble hook So you see these top water poppers any kind of lures with the big with the big Treble hooks. I like to replace them with the inline. So I slip this in… There we go, and it should be pointing inwards inwards look at how it freely flows like this You can’t do this with the regular hook especially with a turned-up hook You won’t be able to do that. You want an inline hook. That’s what it’s called and you could do a bunch of action on it and it won’t get tangled up and if if a fish bites it I think it’s a less of a chance But it’s still a pretty darn high chance because a lot of times when a fish is hitting a topwater Lure, it’s gonna it’s gonna really go for it. It’s not really just gonna *smacking lips* It’s really gonna go for it. And if it really goes for it. Why do you need to hurt a fish like this? What if it’s a small undersized fish? You really don’t want to have to worry about getting it out of its mouth And that’s another thing with these treble hooks. It takes a long time sometimes it really gets caught up in its mouth and it takes a long time to get it out and if fish are Busting right in front of you. You’re not gonna want to sit there and try and untan–unhook this from a fish’s mouth so inline hooks and the final hook I’d like to talk to you guys about is a jig head hook a lot of you guys probably see this and kind of don’t really know what to do with it But I want to encourage you to try using this This is really effective Simply because it’s a sinker plus a hook. How can it how can you go wrong with that? You can put a lot of different things on the end of this You can put a piece of super salty tentacle on the end right here and fish it like a swim bait You can put half a crab on here and fish it for tog You can put a piece of shrimp on here toss it out Leave it out there a lot of different things. You can fish with this you could fish it on the bottom With a piece of bait you can put a swim bait on it and fish it like a lure This is a very versatile hook and sinker combo right here This is one of my staple go to lures slash hooks for saltwater and freshwater Alike, I talk a lot more about the different kind of lures and stuff in the new PDF that I just wrote It’s called best pier fishing lures and how to use them in this I’m basically talking about all the different kinds of lures and stuff that I really like to use on on the pier And how I use them and when I use them This is all the stuff that I’ve learned on my own over the years of fishing myself and I really think that this will help any beginners who who need a nice crash course and that’s available at Senko skipper comm Where we put a bunch of different resources to help you guys out fishing also I want to let you guys know that we have a new suggestion box at senkoskipper.com I want anyone who has any ideas for the show. Anyone who has some suggestions for us. We’re all community here We need to be able to speak to each other So put some stuff in the suggestion box things that you want to see things that you don’t like seeing on our show Let us know that’s available at senkoskipper.com as well comment below I know I missed a couple of different kinds of hooks But comment below your favorite kinds of hooks to use and when you use them we’re all community here people in the comments that are People come just to read the comments and learn so if Your comment matters whatever you say other people will read and learn from so you guys can actually help us make a difference here See you guys

100 thoughts on “What Fishings Hooks to Use and WHEN: J hooks, Circle Hooks, Treble Hooks

  1. I have never used anything but treble hooks all my life. But on the other hand, I always bring the fish home.

  2. Why do you care so much about the welfare of the fish when selecting the hooks, it will end up in your dinner plate anyway

  3. I land fish often on single hook barbless( California rivers), it's all a matter of how you take the fish in.

  4. When are you going to Pacifica pier? I'd love to see a video shot on stripe bass fishing. I've seen some interesting techniques with sliding bobbers out there.

  5. I remove treble hooks because they cause smaller fish to die when they swallow a treble hook. We want to save smaller fish so we do not kill them without reproducing.

  6. which one is the best hook for fishing from long distance to catch a big Fish ?? and whats the best type for bottom fishing ??

  7. "Look at how long that shaft is"…🤔 that's what she said. 😂😂😂

    Sorry… couldn't help it. Fish on good people.

  8. Sorry I use treble hooks cause majority of my fishing is to eat and living in a province that is barbless i want that extra security . When i do release i make sure the fish is well enough if not my grandkids will get a good fun fish fry on the lake .

  9. The same though as me how terrible is the treble hook look! I do fishing occasionally, don't like to eat fish much but enjoy fishing as a fun outdoor activitiy. Altough that, I still feel sorry to hurt the fishes. I do about 1.5lbs+ n small lake fishing, normal hooks already good enough.

  10. Use trebles 4 big fish or sharks because if one hook gets broken there is more hooks too keep hooked

  11. Really don't know why your hating on the treble hook it's really a great hook don't listen to this guy if you know how to use it you'll be good, one of the safest hook to use

  12. Is there also a video discussing different rigs and their purposes? And also what about the extra stuff you put on your line like those little plastic beads, and sinkers for example? Or how about the different knots you can tie and when you should tie them?

  13. Ive been fishing for years and always have an open mind .your video was very informative as what you were aiming for.like you said for beginner's.im sure the makers of treble hooks dont like the comment.but i either take them off to or take the barbs off by bending them with pliers or fileing them smooth.good job.

  14. U need to look up The definition between Circlehook octopus hook and J hook before you make a video. you make yourself look stupid and not only that you’re making the people that are watching ur videos that don’t know better stupid also

  15. Try using what u called a circle hook in any igfa tournament an c what u win u will b Disqualified because it’s not a real circle hook

  16. Nice video
    R U sure that inline hook should place in this direction?
    Because what I have told so far it's supposed to be on the opposite direction…

  17. I hate treble hooks to specially when you have one treble hook in your hand and the other treble hook on fish mouth

  18. Hi Brandon ,
    You have so many different opinions from your viewers and they are all correct ..Too many different case scenarios..The hallowed statement “”” TIGHT LINES””” hits home when you have fish on ..One of your viewers states crimp the barbs and keep your line tight . Be aware of your fishes movement at all times looking for the jump.. A question for you!!! Would you be using a single 6/0 hook on your plug when a 50 lb striper takes your plug in a 3-5 knot current in the Cape Cod Canal ? LOL

  19. Thanks for making all the videos, they are very educational especially for my, I know nothing about fishing and I am recently looking into it and trying to get info so that I can start fishing. thanks

  20. i thought the three hook hook was for certain bait lol but thx for divulging that it is for a higher chance yet inhumane catch rate

  21. Awesome to see somebody who respects the sport and the wildlife. There is no need to hurt the fish especially when you are fishing to catch and release


  23. The treble hook is also know for hooking the most fisherman, while trying to remove it from the fish. The fish may appear in shock while trying to remove the hook however, cause some more pain and when it thrashes hope your fingers are not in the way.

  24. i catch and eat, so i dont really hate treble hooks. In shallow water with lots of rocks, i use single hooks so i wont loose too many lures.

  25. Really nice to see you care about the fishes. Maybe the world would be a better place if there are more people like you. Thank you for sharing.

  26. I remember the barbless hooks I used. Those are great to use on catch and release. Very challenging to keep the fish on during the fight. And of course much less pain and damage to the fish when removing the hook. Just use a plier and pinch the barb in to make your own barbless hook.

  27. I completely disagree on the treble hooks. I've never killed a fish with a treble hook. Where I live we only use treble hooks for bass lures and they never swallow them. I have accidentally killed fish on J hooks and circle hooks that the fish swallowed. Treble hooks are generally easy to remove because the hooks are shorter. Just watch Major League Fishing. With pliers the angler in most cases has the lure detached within 5 seconds. No harm to the fish. Now if you are using live bait then the treble hook could be more dangerous. Last week I had a channel cat and a 3 lb. bass swallow a circle hook. I was not happy. Fishing deadline with a hotdog I pull a 3 lb. bass gut hooked with a good size circle hook. I was disappointed because there aren't that many bass in the small lake I was fishing. Sometimes there is nothing you can do.

  28. Treble hooks were a staple in my early years of pier, jetty, and surf fishing. We used treble hooks on float rigs for speckled trout and as a "sneaky pete" hook on king mackerel leaders. Only use them now on mirror lures and sea hawks.

  29. If I have to use trebles ie nothing else left, I cut the two of the three hooks off, right up close to the shank….or at a minimum, I crush the barbs so that I can easily release the small ones. In regard to the circle hooks, they are also a good hook to use when fishing over kelp and rocks as they don't hook the weeds as easy as the others. Thx…I've never seen the inline hooks before, so they are next on my list 😀 just like the old adage…fancy tackle catches fisherman first!

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