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Whip Swoosh Blur Turkish Transitions After Effects Tutorial | Advanced

Whip Swoosh Blur Turkish Transitions After Effects Tutorial | Advanced

hello everyone. My recent video Another Toronto
got a decent feedback and lots of questions about how did I achieve those
transitions. so here it is. a tutorial on whip swoosh blur turkish transitions.
first of all you have to make an editing in your software. I prefer doing it in
adobe premiere pro and then transfer the sequence into adobe after effects. In
this case you have all the cuts at the right time and you know when the
transition is going to finish. As you can see the bird freezes for a bit and then
the transition happens. Right click on the layer, go to Time, enable Time
remapping. This gives you an ability to make what’s called time ramp. Time ramp is when the speed of your video is not linear. In our case we wanted to play at
normal speed and then slow down right before the transition. You make a
keyframe when you want the bird to freeze and you make another one while the bird is still in the frame and then you stretch it so the distance between frames is bigger this means that the video is going to be
slower. Now I have choppy footage because I’m missing some frames right
here and to make it smooth you can use Frame Blending. It has two options: it mixes frames that sit close to
each other or it builds missing frames based on motion of pixels. This is what
we need right here because we have a bird in flat background. I want to do
the same with the other shot Now we have two shots prepared for the tradition The idea is to find something in common
such as an object or form, colour, a silhouette and then blend it together.
Let’s make some position scale and opacity keyframes when you want your
transition to happen. Speaking of length I find it ideal to be 3-5
frames but it depends on the shots you have and how you can blend it. I want to
take the second shot, make it transparent so i can see both at the same time and
adjust the position and scale so it almost matches the first shot. I jump
to the end of the transition and overlap the first shots with the second. So now I
want to turn on the motion blur because this is what makes the motion look natural To get rid of the borders you want to
make the mask around the object and then use Mask Expansion animation to reveal
the background. Here it is again how it looks in the video. If you see the
transition frame-by-frame you get the idea easily. If you have any questions
let me know. Thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Whip Swoosh Blur Turkish Transitions After Effects Tutorial | Advanced

  1. Fantastic tutoriad..and I must say like the rest here. Thanks for not using 20 minutes explaining this effect. You are fast and effective.. Love it.

  2. i have to give you praise dude:
    1 – no annoying screaming intro filled with uninteresting facts about your personal life.
    2 – very concise and well explained.
    3 (and once again 2) – i learned everything about this effect with the help of a 2 min video. something that most other people on youtube spend 20-30min tutorials on, without explaining how and what.

    clap clap clap clap clap clap

    if you have the time, please do more tutorials for us.
    i guarantee that people like me, who are googling specific tutorials on specific effects will flock to your channel.

  3. i can get it up until the masking tool part, then my mask expansion doesn't work like yours does, but i have followed directions perfectly – could there be something different in my settings?

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    Hope you like it 😉

  5. Amazing easy and very helpful, if i have another youtube account i would definitely subscribe again and i'm looking forward to your next videos
    Keep up the good work

  6. Fantastic Ivan. I know Ae and PremPro well, so i can totally follow this tutorial. It's a bit advanced for newbies, but as I know the tools used, I'm confident I can re-create this technique easily. thanks for sharing bro. Duby

  7. Вот обожаю таких людей, которые всё говорят по делу и без всяких излишеств ! Лайк.

  8. I love the tutorial – would you consider making a longer tutorial for those of us who are less advanced! That would be awesome – I spent about 5 hours watching, mimicking, and trying (mostly failing) to replicate in some degree what you have done!

  9. Amazing! Thank you! Short, clear and concise.

    For those that get lost, pause the video. If you don't know what he's talking about, go learn about the program from another tutorial and come back.

  10. I searched this video for about 20 minutes and then found it in a playlist of mine pls do better SEO this video is so great

  11. Привет, Иван! Очееь здорово объясняешь, все понятно и по делу. Благодарю!

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