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Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir?

Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir?

these are shade balls they’re being dumped into this water reservoir in Los Angeles and contrary to what you may have heard their main purpose is not to reduce evaporation so what are they really for? To find out I am visiting the largest collection of these balls anywhere on Earth at L.A. reservoir 96 million shade balls. That’s correct. 96 million it’s very rare for you to see 96 million of anything This is your life vest which you are required to wear. Alright. Throw your leg over and climb on in anyway you can there you go. Thank you looking at this I had so many questions. Like why are they black? Are they safe to have in drinking water? How much do they cost? Do they actually reduce evaporation? And what is their real purpose? is it hard to drive in shade balls. It is very hard. Why is that? These are actually partially filled with water the reason they’re filled with water is that in L.A reservoir we have some really high winds and so if we didn’t put water in these things there’d be balls bouncing on the 5 freeways people would drive down they’d be all over the place so these keep the balls in the reservoir and if they do start to roll they kinda wobble because of water makes them uneven but that makes them significantly difficult to push out of the way especially when they form close-packed crystal like structures behind the boat the balls quickly come together in our wake and some close to the motor are pulled along with boat wow did you what did you think the first time they suggested doing this or when it first came in yeah it was a little out there. did you think they were nuts? No, not nuts it just like. It looks absurd It’s like we’re in the world’s biggest ball pit yeah right that’s what it looks like you can’t tell by standing here that we’re actually floating over I think it’s probably 40 50 feet right here, 40 50 feet deep below us and you can’t even see any water you’d think it was a joke. Right? if you didn’t know. You’d would be like no you’re not that’s like a green screen or something alright yeah it’s fake so like when i switch on my tap at home is the water coming from here? Yes. Sometimes, or always. Most of the times Most of the time the water is coming from here, absolutely nuts so why is LA reservoir covered in shade balls? the problem all started with Bromide Bromide is a naturally occurring substance associated with salt water and so normally places like the California aqueduct that comes down from the delta you get some salt water intrusions we have some bromide in the water bromide is harmless and it’s almost impossible to remove and when you disinfect the water with ozone, that bromide becomes bromate and bromates are carcinogenic and so around year 2000 they wrote regulations regulating bromate and the regulations basically said if you have a treatment plant that uses ozone then you have to watch bromate to be careful not to form to much so the only place we ever measured bromate was in our filter plant and the results were always within 10 micrograms per liter limit set by regulators so they were confused when they got a call from one of their customers a beverage company in L.A they said we have some really high levels of bromate showing up are you aware of this? and we said well we don’t show anything but between the filtration plant and the customer was the reservoir so they did some tests almost immediatly upon coming into this open reservoir the bromate levels jumped it turned that bromide with chlorine which is supposed to be safe in bright sunlight form bromate even more than ozone and so we made this unfortunate scientific discovery that actually wasn’t a part of any regulatory scheme and so here we are at reservoir we have water source that’s got bromide in it harmless we have chlorine, we have to have disinfected water, we have sunlight because it is open the only choice we have is to remove sunlight so we looked at all sorts of things we looked at floating tarps across the water and normally we put a floating cover on the water but that’s a multi-year project and so we said can’t we manufacture kind of trampoline with poly like PVC pipe they’re just gonna become bird perches, it’ll have a big water quality problem and so we knew we had high density polyethylene pipe which is used in the water industry and we know that it floats and we at one point thought about can we get to float a pile of pipe across the surface well that’s hard to do and very expensive because it’s a lot of material so maybe we could take some pipe and run it through a chipper and we can make a debris field across the surface like the back corner of a lake somewhere but in anyhow all this mushy warm water with plastic floating on the top that sounds like a petri dish and so lo and behold Dr Brian White did some research and he found the shade ball except they weren’t called shade balls at the time this product existed and they were called bird balls and they’d use it on ponds that had mine tailings where they didn’t want waterfowl to go in and get poisoned and also around airports where there were ponds and they wanted to keep the waterfowl off so that they didn’t take off and get into the jet engines

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  1. Interesting that they filter the water before it goes into the reservoir and not before they pump it to your home. That means that dead animals, bird poop, and other debris winds up in your water lines.

  2. 96 million black balls, thats about what US demographics shows. But the biggest concentration of black balls should be Detroit or such not in California.

  3. California is a Trust-Funder's Wet Dream!

    Gov't Union Retirement System, is a BIG INVESTOR in those balls…that Dr who found those balls…made MILLIONS on this!!

    The Gov't Union BELIEVES the citizenry are all on board, for ways to increase the gov't union retirement system :

  4. Why don't you do a report on the MILLION IPADS that the Gov't Teacher's Union bought!!???

    You DO REALIZE, the Teacher's Union owns STOCK in APPLE!!!


  5. Never heard of this channel here on Youtube, but man, I am blown at how much I have learned by watching just 3 of your videos, I think my intelligence increased by 3, it was 6 out of 10 >.<

  6. Haha just think if a tornado would ever form there and suck all of those up , people would be have black balls speed like bullets through the air and go through everything in its path.

  7. why cant the water be treated after it leaves the reservoir? do you not like wildlife that sustains life on earth, including the human race.

  8. I thought it was black because it will keep the water warm since dark colors mean more heat trapped in so then the trapped heat would keep the water warm.

  9. You would think the prop would tear up the shade balls. I am surprised they don’t use a flat bottom fan boat (swamp boat). Then again maybe the fan would blow the shade balls away and the prop works below the shade balls? Pondering 🤔

  10. So we’re just gonna gloss over the fact that they use chlorine to disinfect the water? Uh, why not carbon/charcoal filters? Oh yeah, CaliFuckYa just wants to spend more tax dollars! I almost forgot

  11. I got this suggestion after watching a few videos of sand bubbler crabs. I think YouTube is starting to think that I like balls. #zefrank

  12. Imagine putting a dollar in each one of the balls. A billionaire has enough for TEN of these reservoirs, and they would still have $40 million dollars leftover!

  13. Is really rare to see 96 millions of anything

    Ilegal imigrants jumping the wall at the border. :: am I a joke to you? 🧗‍♂️

  14. The guy who produce those balls is probably close to the people who invented that stupid regulation. I bet that the environmental impact caused by the production of those balls is bigger than the harm caused by the substance formed in the water if left uncovered.

  15. It is known that plastic from bottles leaches into the water they contain! thats why they have a shelf life! and someone thought it was a good idea to contaminate everyones drinking water? has some one lft their brain somewhere? and why is no one being taken to court?…

  16. I can’t let this go** The lady engineer said “The birds used to loiter at the curbs” Felt like the bird were just incriminated 🤣🤣

  17. years ago there was an hotel in Kansas City MO. The pool was in door outdoor , meaning a garage door was put down in the winter . During winter the door seperated inside pool from outside so to speak . The outside of the pool had tons of plastic balls to help keep the water warm …

  18. Why? Because the bromide in the reservoir water turns into bromate, a cacrinogenic compound, under direct sunlight. See 3:06
    why not other shade solutions? See 4:42
    they weren't an new invention, shade balls were originally invented to stop birds and wildlife from "using" water bodies like ones that are near airport runways or contain toxic materials etc. see 5:34
    See 5:50 for a bird getting sucked into a airplane jet engine lol
    See 6:30 for R and D testing on the shade balls
    they're black because they need it to block out all sunlight. 6:45
    See 7:17 for why not other colours
    Coincidentally, the shade balls also solved the problem with algae. see 8:22
    yes, they do reduce evaporation. see 9:01
    how much are they? they were 3 for a dollar. 10:07
    balls are a better shape than any other because they don't stack and can adapt the changing water level. see 10:50

    you're welcome. live and be free from the recommended list <3

  19. time will tell if those balls are inert?.. and uv rays from sunlight kills bacteria so how could putting shade over it make it safe from Bacteria?

  20. Narrator:"Why are they black?. Is it safe for them to have water?"

    Us: God made us that way and we worked all day in hot fields….plus we win marathons! We need water

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