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Workshop for a fishing forum – Workshop para um fórum de pesca

Workshop for a fishing forum – Workshop para um fórum de pesca

welcome to another fishing video today had a different day in the morning I did a workshop to a fishing forum to teach a little of what is fishing with lures in fresh water especially the Black Bass and Zander there was a practical side that will see a bit in video where we fish with grubs and the Fat T-Tail from Savage Gear trying to catch Zander It ended with a lunch with lots of food and drink It was a day with little fishing but lots of fun and sometimes is not all about fishing but we talked alot about fishing and techniques either way this is a video about fishing and have to have some fishing to complete the video one of the things that gave me most pleasure was find a boy who had not seen for two years that I saw in another of my workshops about Light Rock Fishing Where he get his first fish, a mullet with about one kilo who gave him a lot of fight and to this day he did not leave fishing It is good when we introduce new people fishing and they like and continue maybe one day he will teach another kid or even a child the good things about fishing

18 thoughts on “Workshop for a fishing forum – Workshop para um fórum de pesca

  1. Hi guys, all my videos have English subtitles use them if you don´t understand Portuguese, the button is in your youtube bar.

  2. Este tipo de eventos são extraordinários…pois conseguimos sempre incutir um pouco da nossa paixão a outros…parabéns pela iniciativa

  3. Keep on teaching the youth and others about fishing let the word spread!! We need more people to spread the word!! Excellent Job!!

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