Foreword by the President of the Executive Committe of 35th WFFC 2015

Dear Friends and Anglers,

After five years as a top event in the royal angling discipline, the World Fly Fishing Championship is coming back to Bosnia and Herzegovina – this time the host city is Jajce. We are very proud that the organization of this event was awarded to the Sport Fishing Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is in appreciation of the long-term active participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina representatives in the international fly fishing sport, the successes of our competitors, the long-term care of our salmonid fisheries in South Bohemia and also the very successful organization of the 27th World Club Fishing Championship (2007), held in Čapljina – Hutovo Blato, 16th European Fly Fishing Championship (2010), held in city of Banja Luka, as well as 15th World Fishing Championship for the Disabled and 6th World Cup Championship for Veterans (2013), held in the city of Čapljina. All mentioned events were successfully organized and widely praised from major officials and many sport fishing associations.

You are coming in the country that has about 4 million people of different religious and national backgrounds, with beautifull rivers and a lot of tourist attractions.

We wish you a pleasant stay in the host city of Jajce and also to enjoy on our rivers and beautifull nature with our traditional fishermen greeting B I S T R O !

President of the Executive Committe of 35th WFFC 2015
Mr. Đorđe Klepić


Jajce – The Host City!

On the shores of the rivers Vrbas and Pliva is situated one of the most beautiful cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina – city of lights, stone and water, a city with 27 national monuments – city of Jajce. A magnificent, 21 meter high waterfall, one of the 12 most beautiful waterfalls in the world embellishes the city center and makes the city of Jajce a unique city.

City of Jajce is situated in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the northwestern area of Central Bosnia Canton in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is situated at an altitude of 470 meters on the fort and 426.6 meters on Pliva lakes, adjoin with the municipalities of Donji Vakuf and Travnik on the east, on the nort with the place Dobretići, and to the west with the municipalities Šipovo, Jezero and Mrkonjić Grad. With the other parts of country, the municipality area is conected with the main road M-5 and M-16.

Natural resources with the river Pliva, her lakes and waterfalls, and rich cultural and historical heritage (Fortress, Catacombs, Omer Bey House, St. Mary Church and the St. Luka Tower, temple of the god Mithras, Esma Sultana Mosque (a 27 national monuments) represent a unique tourism offer of city of Jajce.

William Miller (english travel writer) in one of his travelogues writes: “Travelling trough the Bosnia without seeing a city of Jajce would be unforgivable, because it is, without any doubt, the jewel of this country, with a most beautiful position…..”

It is a city where people lived before 6000 years, a city of Bosnian kings (where he was crowned the last Bosnian king Stjepan Tomašević), and a city where it was created Tito’s Yugoslavia. It is a city which nurturing its own cultural, historical and natural heritage represents today the best that nature and people during the millennium gave to this city – the gate of east and west… From whatever side it comes in the city of Jajce traveler follows the river Vrbas or river Pliva, their green and blue trail witch leads him to the city where nature has been so generously giving to him a wonderful living conditions.

Welcome to the city of Jajce a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage List!

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Mr. Bakir Izetbegović
BiH Presidency Chairman and President of the Organizing Committee of 35th WFFC 2015